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  1. St qi deficiency
    uncomfortable feeling in epigastrium, lack of appetite, lack of taste sensation, loose stools, tiredness (esp in morning), weak limbs

    • T: pale
    • P: deficient, esp in right middle
  2. St yin deficiency
    slight hunger with no desire to eat, constipation, dry stools, dull or slight burning epigastric pain, dry mouth & throat esp in afternoon, thirst for sips, slight feeling of fullness after eating

    • T: no coat in center or rootless coating
    • P: floating, deficient at right middle
  3. St yang deficiency
    discomfort or dull pain in epig better after eating, better with pressure, no appetite, prefer warm drinks/food, vomiting clear fluids, lack of thirst, cold & weak limbs, tiredness, pale complexion

    • T: pale, wet
    • P: deep, weak, slow
  4. St cold (excess)
    sudden severe pain in epigastrium, feeling of cold, cold limbs, preference for warm food or drinks, vomiting clear fluids (may alleviate pain), nausea worse when drinking cold fluids

    • T: thick white coat
    • P: deep, tight, slow
  5. St heat
    burning epigastric pain, intense thirst w/ desire to drink cold liquids, mental restlessness, bleeding gums, dry stools, dry  mouth, mouth ulcers, sour regurgitation, nausea, vomiting soon after eating, xs hunger, foul breath, feeling of heat, 

    • T: red in center, dry or dark yellow coat
    • P: rapid, large on right middle
  6. St qi stagnation
    epigastric pain & distention, feeling of fullness, poor appetite, belching, nausea, vomiting, hiccup, irritable

    • T: normal or red on sides, thick coating
    • P: wiry on right middle
  7. St qi rebellion
    nausea, difficulty swallowing, belching, vomiting, hiccup

    • T: normal
    • P: tight or wiry in right middle
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ZangFu pathologies of Stomach
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