Mitosis and Meiosis Exam 4 pt 1

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  1. Karyotype
    reveals number, size, and form of chromosomes in an actively dividing cell
  2. sets of chromosomes in humans
    humans have 23 total (22 pair somatic and 1 pair sex)
  3. diploid
    have 2 sets of chromosomes (2n)
  4. haploid
    gametes have 1 member of each pair of chromosomes or 23 total chromosomes (n)
  5. Mitosis Cell cycle
    • G1– first gap (growing)
    • S –synthesis of DNA (92 chromatids)    
    • G2 – second gap (growing/go on to mitosis?)

    • M –PMAT and cytokinesis
  6. Cyclins or cyclin-dependent kinases
    responsible for making the cell go through next phases of the cell
  7. checkpoints
    make sure cell is functioning right before moving on, if not they try to fix it
  8. Mitosis
    Can be for asexual reproduction or for production and maintenance of multicellularity
  9. prep before dividing
    DNA replicated and become sister chromatids

    Tightly associates at centromere (attachment site for kinetochore)
  10. Mitotic spindle
    • responsible for organizing and sorting the chromosomes during mitosis
    • Composed of microtubules
  11. Centrioles
    found in animals but not many other eukaryotes
  12. Prophase
    Nuclear membrane dissociates into small vesicles

    • Chromatids condense into highly compacted structures that are readily visible by light
    • microscopy

    start moving towards the poles
  13. Metaphase
    Line up in the center
  14. Anaphase
    pull apart
  15. Telophase
    • prepare to actually divide
    • nucleus starts to form again
  16. cytokinesis
    cytoplasm divides (plants = cell plate, animals = cleavage furrow)
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