Michigan Birds 4

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    • American Tree Sparrow
    • (bi-colored bill, rufous cap & eye line, dark spot on pale breast)
    • Chipping Sparrow
    • (small black beak, black eye line, white eye brow, rufous cap with black V poll, solid pale breast)
    • Field Sparrow
    • (dull markings, horn/pink beak, grey face, white eyering, pale solid breast)
    • Lark Sparrow
    • (brightly streaked face, solid light breast)
    • Vesper Sparrow
    • (heavily streaked back-throat-sides, horn colored beak, white eyering)
    • Savannah Sparrow
    • (heavily streaked back-throat-sides, white under, horn colored beak, short tail, look for yellow in front of eye)
    • Grasshopper Sparrow
    • (yellow tones-but not always telltale, large head, short tail, solid white breast, dark crown with pale stripe)
    • Henslow's Sparrow
    • (green/gold face with darker cheeks, 2 bold black strips on crown, streaked back-sides-throat)
    • Le Conte's Sparrow
    • (orange face, grey cheeks, crown stripes, buff color throughout, white underside, no stripes below beak)
    • Nelson's Sparrow
    • (bright orange/yellow face, smudged streaks on breast-throat-sides, grey cheeks)
    • Fox Sparrow
    • (rust and grey patches on head, no distinct lines on head, heavy streaks on white breast coming to a clump on chest, round head)
    • Song Sparrow
    • (heavily streaked, short dark bill, grey eyebrow, brown eye line and cheek lines)
    • Lincoln's Sparrow
    • (fine black streaks on buff breast, buff eyering, wide grey eyebrow, brown eyeline)
    • Swamp Sparrow
    • (grey face with eyeline, white throat, rust cap with black streaks, solid grey breast)
    • White-Throated Sparrow
    • (white throat, yellow in lores, white eyebrow, black stripes on crown, white/grey breast)
  1. Dark Eyed Junco
    • Lapland Longspur
    • (note the distinct outline on cheeks)
  2. Lapland Longspur
    • Snow Bunting - Female
    • (summer)
    • Snow Bunting - Male
    • (summer)
    • Snow Bunting - Female
    • (winter)
    • Snow Bunting - Male
    • (winter)
  3. Northern Cardinal - Male
  4. Northern Cardinal - Female
    • Rose Breasted Grosbeak - Female
    • (note the large pale beak)
  5. Rose Breasted Grosbeak - Male
  6. Dickcissel - Male
  7. Dickcissel - Female
  8. Indigo Bunting - Male
  9. Indigo Bunting - Female
    • White Crowned Sparrow
    • (only sparrow with black and white stripes on head with a white cap)
  10. Black Capped Chickadee
  11. Tufted Titmouse
  12. Red Breasted Nuthatch
  13. White Breasted Nuthatch
  14. Brown Creeper
  15. House Wren
  16. Winter Wren
  17. Sedge Wren
  18. Marsh Wren

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Michigan Birds 4
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Bird Identification

Learn to quickly identify birds in the field by practicing with bird photos
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