Geology Final Exam: Sedimentary Rocks

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  1. What are the major classifications of sedimentary rocks?
    • Siliciclastic
    • Composed mainly of rock or mineral particles from weathering

    • Chemical
    • Soluble material precipitated from an aqueous solution

    • Biochemical
    • Soluble material precipitated from by an organism
  2. Describe the texture and composition of siliciclastic rocks and list common examples?
    Composed of pieces (clasts) of rocks/minerals

    • Grain Sizes
    • Gravel-sized
    • Sand-sized
    • Clay-sized
    • Microcrystallize
    • Crystalline

    • Grain Shape
    • Well Rounded
    • Angular
    • Rounded

    • Grain Sorting
    • Well Sorted
    • Moderately Sorted
    • Poorly Sorted
  3. What sedimentary rock reacts with acid and what mineral is it composed of?
    Limestone composed of calcite
  4. What is the most abundant sedimentary rock?
  5. Describe some sedimentary structures.
    Cross-bedding - beds deposited by wind or water layered down at an angle

    Graded-bedding - deep-sea sediments deposited by turbidity currents with particle sizes becoming finer upwards

    Ripples - small ridges of sand or silt formed by water or wind currents

    Mud Cracks - evaporated water leaving behind solid mud

  6. Define depositional environment.
    Setting where sediments accumulate and sedimentary rocks form.
  7. Examples of depositional environment
    • Beach
    • Sand Dunes
    • Alluvial Fans
    • Glacial Deposits
    • Reefs
    • Swamp
    • Rivers
    • Ocean
  8. In what depositional environment might you find cross-bedding?
    Rivers or streams
  9. In what depositional environment might you find mud cracks?
  10. In what depositional environment might you find ripple marks?
  11. In what depositional environment might you find fossils?
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