Geology Final Exam: Metamorphic Rocks

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  1. What are metamorphic rocks?
    Rocks that form from preexisting rocks that have experienced high temperature pressure.
  2. What are the 3 major factors involved in metamorphism?
    • Heat
    • Pressure
    • Chemically Active Fluids
  3. Identify common metamorphic environments.
    Contact/Thermal: results from heat and pressure in a small area

    Burial: confining pressure and increase in temperature as sediments are gradually buried deeper in the crust

    Regional: high temperatures and high pressure. Differential stress.

    Hydrothermal: hot water
  4. Specifically, where (tectonically) do you expect to find contact metamorphism?
    Convergent Plate Boundary
  5. Specifically, where (tectonically) do you expect to find hydrothermal metamorphism?
    Divergent Plate Boundary
  6. Specifically, where (tectonically) do you expect to find regional metamorphism?
    Convergent Plate Boundary
  7. What terms are used to describe metamorphic rock texture?

  8. What is foliation?
    Planar arrangement of mineral grains or structural features within a metamorphic rock.
  9. How does foliation form?
    Differential Stress
  10. List the 4 types of foliation, in order of increasing metamorphism.
    • Slate - Slaty cleavage
    • Phylite - Phyllitic texture
    • Schist - Schistone
    • Gneiss - Gneissic
  11. Define protolith?
    Parent rocks
  12. Note possible protoliths of slate, schist, gneiss, marble, and quartzite
    • Slate-Shale
    • Schist-Phylite
    • Gneiss-Schist
    • Marble-Limestone
    • Quartzite-Quartz Sandstone
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