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  1. What refers to a procedure or practice that, if not correctly followed, could result in injury, long term health hazard, or death?
  2. What refers to a procedure or practice that, if not correctly observed, could result in damage or destruction of equipment?
  3. What refers to a procedure or condition that requires emphasis?
  4. Changes affecting software programming or report format/content will have a suffix of what added to the Change Control Number?
  5. Changes affecting the what will have the suffix "N" added to the Change Control Number?
    OPNAVINST 8000.16
  6. What assisted by Type Wing/MAWs/COMFAIRs, will research and liaise as necessary to verify and substantiate the need for a deviation request based solely on manpower constraints (loss of authorized billets, for example, "gapped" billets)?
  7. The methodology for achieving the spirit and intent of the NAMP objective is labled what?
    "performance improvement"
  8. What is the pivotal element of the seven performance elements in that it is highly interrelated with all of the elements?
  9. What is the relationship between actual and planned resources?
  10. What is the creativity applied to the transformation process?
  11. What is the function of morale and other factors which affect personnel pride and motivation?
    Quality of Work Life
  12. Performance improvement objectives in the CNO Strategic Plan provide direction to all echelons. To effectively achieve these objectives, naval aviation established the what?
  13. What shall be the Naval Aviation Fleet Performance Improvement ECS?
    NAMP Policy Committe
  14. The NAMP Policy Committee shall meet how often to review and resolve issues involving naval aviation performance improvement matters, revise or add long range goals and objectives, and provide direction for imple-mentation?
  15. What is designated as the focal point for fleet aviation maintenance performance improvement matters?
  16. AIRspeed provides a set of tools to achieve cost-wise readiness using best practices, such as Lean, Six-Sigma, and what?
  17. Who provides the basis for the NAMP and sets policy in the basic instruction for the assignment of maintenance responsibilities to all activities that maintain naval aircraft?
  18. NAMP allocations are based upon competing requirements for the resources available in the what during the development of the POM?
    Six Year Defense Plan
  19. The POM contains force and resource recommendations, with rationale and risk assessment, and must conform with the fiscal guidance issued by the what?
  20. The POM includes projections of forces programmed for 8 fiscal years and manpower programmed for how many fiscal years?
  21. Funding for the NAMP, called a what, is allocated to squadrons by Type Wings and ACCs/TYCOMs?
  22. While policy control and direction of the Navy manpower requirements system is vested in CNO, support for these programs is provided by what?
  23. Ensuring that tools are procured and issued in a controlled manner consistent with the approved tool control plan is the responsibility of what officer?
    The Material Control Officer
  24. Which of the following reports should be used to report poor quality tools to FLEMATSUPPO?
  25. Upon task assignment, you must record the tool container number on what copy of the VIDS/MAF?
    Copy 1
  26. Who is responsible for training work center personnel in the use of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)?
    The work center supervisor
  27. What system/program is used to acquire, store, and disseminate data on hazardous materials procured for use?
    Hazardous Material Information Syatem (HMIS)
  28. What section of a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) identifies personal protective equipment required?
    Section VIII
  29. What provides information, policies, tasking, and procedures for Navy manpower management?
    OPNAVINST 1000.16
  30. NTTP 1-03.3 and what else provide guidance for reporting Mission Area-Specific Resource ratings for personnel?
    CNAFINST 3500.38
  31. NTMPS and what else are web based applications that provide various tools in performance fundamental tasks in the administration of the Maintenance Manpower Program?
  32. What is a decision making tool applicable to the entire spectrum of naval activities?
  33. The ORM process revolves around a simple how many step sequence?
  34. The ORM process exists on how many levels?
  35. Who coordinates with OPNAV, COMNAVAIRSYSCOM, COMNAVSEASYSCOM, COMSPAWARSYSCOM, and other Navy support activities in the planning for, and acquisition of, equipment, weapons, weapon systems, material, supplies, facilities, maintenance, and support services for Marine Corps aviation?
  36. Who are responsible for the maintenance and material condition of aeronautical equipment assigned to their cognizance for the operation and support of the naval aviation mission?
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