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  1. What is a rock?
    Rocks are created by Earth's natural forces and made of minerals
  2. How are minerals classified?
    Color, luster, and texture
  3. How are rocks classified?
    Sedimentary, Igneous, Metamorphic
  4. How are sedimentary rocks formed?
    When rock sediments are deposited in layers and harden
  5. How are igneous rocks formed?
    When molten rock cools
  6. How are metamorphic rocks formed?
    When rocks deep underground are heated and squeezed
  7. What is weathering?
    The wearing down of rocks, forming sediment
  8. What is erosion?
    When sediment moves to another place
  9. Describe landslide, tornado, volcano?
    • Landslide-gravity pulls earth down
    • Tornado-A funnel of wind that moves earth
    • Volcano-melted rock erupting from underground
  10. Identify 3 tests to help classify a mineral
    • Color
    • Luster
    • Texture
    • Streak test
    • Hardness test
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