Level G Vocab: Unit 10

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  1. askance
    (adv.) with suspicion, distrust, or disapproval
  2. attenuate
    (v.) to make thin or slender; to weaken or lessen in force, intensity, or value
  3. benign
    (adj.) gentle, kind; forgiving, understanding; having a favorable or beneficial effect; not malignant
  4. cavil
    (v.) to find fault in a petty way, carp; (n.) a trivial objection or criticism
  5. charlatan
    (n.) one who feigns knowledge or ability; a pretender, impostor, or quack
  6. decimate
    (v.) to kill or destroy a large part of
  7. foible
    (n.) a weak point, failing, minor flaw
  8. forgo
    (v.) to do without, abstain from, give up
  9. fraught
    (adj.) full of or loaded with; accompanied by
  10. inure
    (v.) to toughen, harden; to render used to something by long subjection or exposure
  11. luminous
    (adj.) emitting or reflecting light, glowing; illuminating
  12. obsequious
    (adj.) marked by slavish attentiveness; excessively submissive, often for purely self-interested reasons
  13. obtuse
    (adj.) blunt, not coming to a point; slow or dull in understanding; measuring between 90 and 180 degrees; not causing a sharp impression
  14. oscillate
    (v.) to swing back and forth with a steady rhythm; to fluctuate or waver
  15. penitent
    (adj.) regretful for one's sins or mistakes. (n.) one who is sorry for wrongdoing
  16. peremptory
    (adj.) having the nature of a command that leaves no opportunity for debate, denial, or refusal; dictatorial; determined, resolute
  17. rebuff
    (v.) to snub; to repel, drive away; (n.) a curt rejection, a check
  18. reconnoiter
    (v.) to engage in reconnaissance; to make a preliminary inspection
  19. shambles
    (n.) a slaughterhouse; a place of mass bloodshed; a state of complete disorder and confusion
  20. sporadic
    (adj.) occurring at irregular intervals, having no set plan or order

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