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  1. autotroph
    • make their own food
    • ex. plants- chlorophyll
    • use light energy to create foods and produce energy
  2. Heterotroph
    • cannot create their own food
    • cannot directly use the sun's energy
  3. Photosynthesis Goal
    • to create glucose 
    • photosynthesis:
    • anabolic- small molecules combine
    • endergonic- energy enters
  4. Equation
    6CO+ 6H2O + sunlight energy ---> C6H12O+ 6O+ 6H2O
  5. location
    • chloroplast
    • leaves
  6. Stoma
    • pores
    • stomata(pl.) 
    • water and vapor gases (CO2 and O2) are exchanged between plant/atmosphere 
    • underside of leaf
    • CO2 enters, water and oxygen exit
  7. Mesophyll Cells
    • vacuole, cell wall, cell membrane, chloroplast
    • chloroplast
    • double membrane: 1. outer smooth 2. inner
  8. chloroplast
    Image Upload 1
  9. chlorophyll
    • pigment that absorbs blue/red wavelengths and reflects green wavelengths
    • plants are green b/c green wavelength is reflected not absorbed
    • Chlorophyll A/B
  10. Chlorophyll A/B
    slightly different in structural makeup
  11. Wavelengths
    plants are comfortable on the ends of the spectrum; blue/red
  12. What causes leaves to change colors in the fall?
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