Drug Admin via MAD

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  1. What are the precautions for IN drug administration?
    • Rhinitis
    • Rhinorrhoea
    • Facial Trauma
  2. What are the steps to administer IN drugs?
    • Prepare pt - reassure, position (ideally in semi-recumberent position)
    • Check drug - contras, presentation, expiry, fluid content & discolouration
    • Prepare drug - Attach drawing up needle to luer-lok syringe, draw up, remove needle and place in sharps, attach MAD.
    • Administer drug - confirm dose & volume, suggest pt refrain form inhaling or exhaling, place MAD inside nostril, consider administering half in one nostril, dispose of MAD in sharps or medical waste, use new MAD for subsequent doses.
    • Monitor pt - document & observe for side effects.
  3. How do you prepare pt for IN admin?
    • Reassure & explain
    • Position (ideally in semi-recumberant position)
  4. What steps do you take to check drug?
    • Check for contraindications
    • Ensure appropriate drug presentation
    • Check expiry date
    • Check fluid content
    • Check for discolouration
  5. How do you prepare drug for administration?
    • Remove Luer-lok from package
    • Attach drawing up needle
    • Draw up drug
    • Ensure 0.1ml drug volume in calcs to allow for atomiser dead space
    • Remove drawing up needle and place in sharps
    • attach MAD
  6. How do you administer IN drug?
    • Confirm drug dose with partner
    • Ensure pt is well positioned
    • Suggest pt refrain from inhalation or expiration during admin
    • place MAD inside nostril
    • consider administering half in each nostril
    • press plunger quickly
    • remove MAD and dispose in sharps or medical waste
    • repeat with new MAD for subsequent doses
  7. What do you do after administration?
    • Document time and dose
    • Monitor pt for side effects
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