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  1. Ethos
    An appeal based on the credibility of the writer/speaker
  2. Logos
    An appeal based on logic or reason
  3. Pathos
    An appeal to emotion
  4. Polysyndeton
    • The repetition of conjunctions in a series of phrases or sentences.
    • (and...and...and...)
  5. Asyndeton
    • The absence of conjunctions where one would normally expect them
    • (Commas)
  6. Chaisums
    • A figure of speech in which the order of words in the first clause is reversed in the second.
    • (Yoda Talking)
  7. Alliteration
    Repetition of initial consonant sounds
  8. Anaphora
    Repetition of the same words/phrases at the start of successive phrases or sentences
  9. Epistrophe
    Repetition of same words/phrases at the end of successive phrases/sentences
  10. Apostrophe
    Turning aside to address someone absent or something inanimate; usually has a sense of urgency.
  11. Assonance
    The repetition of vowel sounds
  12. Hyperbole
    Deliberate exaggeration
  13. Litote
    Deliberate understatement
  14. Synecdoche
    A figure of speech when the part signifies the whole
  15. Metonomy
    A figure of speech in which an attribute is used to represent the object
  16. Periodic sentance
    A long sentence in which the main clause is not completed until the end.
  17. Loose sentence
    A long sentence that starts with the main clause, followed by dependent clauses and modifying phrases.
  18. Isocolon
    A succession of phrases of equal length and structure (Parallel)
  19. Paradox
    A statement that seems contradictory but reveals a deeper truth
  20. Oxymoron
    A figure of speech that combines two contradictory ideas
  21. Aphorism (A)
    A concise statement designed to make a point or illustrate a commonly held belief.
  22. Denotation
    The dictionary definition of a word
  23. Connotation
    The definition of a word with all the associated emotional overtones
  24. Loaded words
    Words with strong emotional overtones;excessive connotation, good or bad. Loaded words appeal to emotion and have a different impact depending on context.
  25. Euphemism
    Substituting a less direct or more agreeable expression to avoid offending someone
  26. Satire
    A work that ridicules human shortcomings with the intent of effecting change, raising awareness etc.
  27. Juxtaposition
    Placing two vastly different things, ideas,or people side by side to make a point
  28. Patronizing
    condescending; rude; acting as if superior
  29. Sanguine
    Cheery, optimistic
  30. Chauvinistic
    Showing a prejudiced belief in superiority of one's kind
  31. Rectitude
    The quality of moral correctness
  32. Truculent
    Combative; cruel
  33. Pulchritude
    Physical beauty
  34. Euphoric
    In high spirits
  35. Expurgate
    To remove objectionable material from
  36. Zenith
    highest point; summit
  37. Nadir
    Lowest point
  38. Epiphany
    A sudden understanding
  39. Peccadillo
    A minor sin or offense
  40. Vociferous
    Loud, vocal, noisy
  41. Pedestrian
    commonplace, full
  42. Amiable
    Pleasant, friendly
  43. Complacent
    Overly satisfied
  44. Debunk
    To expose the falseness of
  45. Abstemious
    Moderate in eating, drinking
  46. Sardonic
    Cruelly mocking
  47. Incense
    To infuriate, enrage
  48. Audacious
    Reckless; bold
  49. Scoff
    To deride or ridicule
  50. Quibble
    To argue about small details
  51. Tenable
    Defensible, reasoned
  52. Sobriquet
    A usually affectionate nickname
  53. Recalcitrant
    Resisting authority
  54. Recondite
    Relating to obscure learning, known only to a few
  55. Scintilla
    Scarce amount
  56. Apocryphal
    Not genuine, fictional
  57. Zealous
  58. Repudiate
    To reject as having no authority
  59. Irreverent
    Lacking proper respect or seriousness
  60. Pithy
    Profound, concise, to the point
  61. Secular
    Not pertaining to religion
  62. Pontificate
    To speak in a pretentious, stuffy manner
  63. August
    Dignified, venerable
  64. Bourgeois
    Middle class; suggests materialism and conformity
  65. Philanderer
    Pursuer of casual love affairs
  66. Renegade
  67. Terse
    Precise, brief, without extra words
  68. Serendipity
    A fortunate, chance discovery
  69. Conundrum
    Riddle; puzzle with no solution
  70. Spurious
    Lacking authenticity; counterfeit
  71. Pragmatic
    Practical; moved by facts
  72. Clemency
    a merciful leniency
  73. Tryst
    secret meeting between lovers
  74. Turpitude
    Vileness; foulness; depravity
  75. Somnolent
    Sleep inducing
  76. Vignette
    Short literary piece
  77. Torpid
    Lethargic, unable to move
  78. Conciliatory
    Overcoming distrust
  79. Behemoth
    Huge creature
  80. Malinger
    To avoid responsibility by pretending to be ill
  81. Bonhomie
    Atmosphere of good cheer
  82. Craven
  83. Grimace
    Facial expression of disgust
  84. Ribald
    Humorous in a vulgar way
  85. Surfeit
    excessive amount
  86. Revile
    To criticize with harsh language
  87. Chagrin
  88. Retinue
    Group of attendants with an important person
  89. Incipient
    Very early stage
  90. Altercation
    Noisy dispute
  91. Chicanery
    Trickery; Fraud; Deception
  92. Quixotic
    Overly idealistic or impractical
  93. Contrite
    Deeply sorrowful and repentant
  94. Bellicose
    Warlike; aggressive
  95. Nettle
    To irritate
  96. Exculpate
    To clear of blame or fault; to vindicate
  97. Cosmopolitan
    Sophisticated; free from local prejudices or attitudes
  98. Cogent
    Logically forceful; compelling; convincing
  99. Exacerbate
    To aggravate; to intensify the bad qualities of
  100. Trepidation
    Fear, anxiety
  101. Altruism
    Unselfish concern for others
  102. Alacrity
    Cheerful willingness; eagerness
  103. Fledgling
    Young bird just learning to fly; beginner; novice
  104. Circumspect
    Cautious; wary
  105. Boor
    Crude person, lacking manners
  106. Allay
    To lessen, ease, or soothe
  107. Hinterland
  108. Antipathy
    Extreme Dislike
  109. Conflagration
    Big destructive fire
  110. Inchoate
    Imperfectly formed or formulated
  111. Risque
    Bordering on indecent
  112. Styme
    To black or thwart
  113. Hiatus
    Break; interruption; vacation
  114. Gratuitous
    Unnecessary and unjustified
  115. Blithe
    joyful, cheerful, without appropriate thought
  116. Belabor
    To insist repeatedly or harp on
  117. Impugn
    To call into question or attack verbally
  118. Winsome
    Charming, engaging
  119. Chimerical
    Fanciful, imaginary
  120. Discretionary
    Subject to one's own judgement
  121. Didactic
    Intended to teach
  122. Attenuate
    To make thin or slender; to weaken
  123. Disaffected
    Discontented, disloyal
  124. Acerbic
    Bitter; sharp in taste
  125. Castogate
    To punish severely
  126. Zephyr
    Gentle Breeze
  127. Desecrate
    To abuse something sacred
  128. Retort
    Cutting response
  129. Indignant
    Angered by something unjust
  130. Arable
    Suitable for cultivation
  131. Tome
    A book, usually large and scholarly
  132. Tractable
    Obedient, yielding
  133. Stultify
    To cause to lose enthusiasm
  134. Toady
    A flatterer or "yes man"
  135. Supercilious
    Arrogant, condescending
  136. Flummox
    To confuse or perplex
  137. Vernacular
    Everyday language tied to a region
  138. Brash
    Hasty and unthinking; impetuous
  139. Grovel
    To humble or demean one's self
  140. Unprecedented
    Happening for the first time
  141. Hedonistic
    Pleasure seeking
  142. Esoteric
    Hard to understand; understood by only a select few
  143. Fickle
    Whimsical, capricious, quick to change
  144. Hackneyed
    Overused, trite-use instead of cliched.
  145. Furtive
  146. Innocuous
    Harmless, unlikely to produce any emotion
  147. Gullible
    Overly trusting
  148. Enthrall
    To thrill and hold spellbound to captivate
  149. Irascible
    Irritable; prone to outbursts of temper; easily angered
  150. Vilify
    To defame; to say vile things about
  151. Staid
    Self restrained to the point of dullness
  152. Ensconce
    To settle comfortably into place
  153. Anomaly
  154. Aphorism (B)
    A short, pithy statement of truth or a philosophy
  155. Mercenary
    A soldier for hire, literally, or anyone motivated by money, not principle
  156. Indigenous
    Native to an area, can refer to plants, wildlife, people
  157. Onerous
  158. Partisan
    Biased in favor of
  159. Largess
    Generosity, gift
  160. Mendacious
  161. Meretricious
    Gaudy, Cheap, falsely attractive
  162. Odious
    Hateful, contemptible
  163. Meritorious
    Deserving of reward or praise
  164. Aver
    To delcare as true
  165. Confound
    To baffle or perplex; to confuse
  166. Dexterous
    Skilled physically or mentally
  167. Diffident
    Shy; lacking confident
  168. Disburse
    To pay out
  169. Cloister
    To seclude; a secluded place
  170. Delegate
    To give powers to another
  171. Whimsical
    Unpredictable, lighthearted, "Fun"
  172. Avarice
  173. Deplore
    To express or feel disapproval or condemn
  174. Facetious
  175. Melancholy
    Sad, Mournful
  176. Scornful
    Expressing contempt
  177. Diminutive
    Quite small
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