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  1. While the Mexican war had barely started, this amendment (Aug 8, 1846) to a war appropriations bill stated that neither slavery nor involuntary servitude should ever exist in the territories acquired from Mexico was reintroduced over and over again but not passed.
    The Wilmot Proviso
  2. After California's request for admission into the Union as a free state in 1849 caused a lot of uproar, what brought the harmony between north and south back?
    The Compromise of 1850
  3. What did the Compromise of 1850 entail for the benefit of the North?
    • 1. Cal admitted as a free state
    • 2. The land in dispute between NM and TX goes to NM
    • 3. NM and UT would be allowed to vote free/slave
    • 4. Slave TRADE abolished in DC
  4. How did the Compromise of 1850 benefit the south?
    • 1. Tougher Fugitave slave law
    • 2. Fed pays TX's $10M pre-annexation debt
    • 3. Congress would say it had no jurisdiction over the slave trade
    • 4. Wouldn't abolish slavery in DC
  5. What events ultimately led to the passing of the Compromise of 1850?
    VP Millard Fillmore took the presidency after the death of Zachary Taylor
  6. What was the purpose of the Gadson Purchase 1853 by Pres Franklin Pierce?
    It secured a strip of land that would be ideal for a transcontinental railroad.
  7. What was the chief factor of economic growth in the 1840s and 1850s?
  8. What brought back sectional conflict after the Compromise of 1850?
    The strengthened Fugitive Slave Law.
  9. What made provisions for the capture of North living blacks without any trial or due process and possibly required citizens in the North to assist in their capture?
    The Strengthened Fugitive Slave Law enacted with the Compromise of 1850
  10. This act introduced by Stephan Douglas reorganized territories west of Missouri in order to help create a trans-continental railroad, but under pressure of S. Democrats a bill was added to repeal the Missouri Compromise in these areas.
    The Kansas-Nebraska Act
  11. What political party's rise almost overnight resulting from the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
  12. Who led a retaliation on pro slavery settlement Pottawatomie Creek killing and mutilating 5 unarmed men and boys?
    John Brown
  13. In 1856 this case reached the supreme court allowing it to state its opinion on the issue of slavery.
    Dred Scott v. Sanford
  14. In this supreme court case a slave sued his owner for freedom after his owner moved from a slave state into a free state and then on to a free territory.
    Dred Scott v. Sanford
  15. What was the Supreme Court ruling on the Dred Scott v. Sanford case?
    • 1. Dred Scott wasn't a citizen so he could not bring the argument before the court
    • 2. Temporary residence in a free state doesn't effect slave status
    • 3. The Missouri compromise was unconstitutional and the fed couldn't prohibit slavery in any state or territory
  16. What state had the Lecompton constitution? A pro-slavery constitution that was passed fraudulently to tilt congress towards more slave state representation?
  17. Despite the Buchanan and the Senate's support of the Lecompton Constitution the house wouldn't pass it, giving Kansas a chance to vote on it. Despite these offers from Southern Congress Kansas citizens voted it down.
    • Upon approval Kansas would be granted a considerable amount of land.
    • If it was voted down then Kansas would have to remain a territory
  18. This state, after voting down the Lecompton Constitution, was finally admitted to the Union as a free state in 1861.
  19. What were the 3 basic causes of the "Panic of 1857?"
    • 1. Over-speculation in railroads and land.
    • 2. Faulty banking practices
    • 3. Interruption of flow of European capitol into American investments caused by the Crimean War
  20. Who's Freeport Doctrine stated that a territory could opt out of slavery by declining to pass the special laws typically included in a jurisdiction where slavery is permitted?
    Stephan A Douglas, in debates against Lincoln
  21. On Oct 16,1859 "the secret six" funded what operation?
    The John Brown raid. He seized the federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry, VA, taking hostages and trying to incite a slave riot.
  22. How did the John Brown raid end?
    He was cornered by VA militia led by Robert E Lee many died and John Brown was eventually hanged.
  23. What book written by a North Carolina author described slavery as beneficial to the large planters but insisted that it impeded the progress of the yeoman farmer causing an uproar in the Southern upper class?
    "The impending crisis in the South" by Hinton Rowan Helper
  24. What was the first presidential candidate to go on a nationwide speaking tour, believing that he was the only one that could reconcile the differences between the North and South?
    Stephen A. Douglas
  25. On Dec 21, 1860, by vote of a special convention of elected delegates this state became the first to declare it was no longer part of the Union.
    South Carolina
  26. Who was elected president and vice president of the newly founded Confederate States?
    Jefferson Davis and Alexander Stephens
  27. The Confederate constitution was very similar to that of the U.S. what were 5 of the more important differences?
    • 1. Slavery recognized and rights to move slaves state to state
    • 2. Protective Tariffs were removed
    • 3. Pres served one 6 year non-renewable term
    • 4. Pres could veto individual items in appropriations bills
    • 5. State sovereignty was specifically recognized
  28. What Kentucky senator strove to make a compromise to keep the Union together?
    John J. Crittenden
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