Blender -2itfree (chapter2)

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  1. In a 3D program, consider ___,____, and____ (how close or far away).
    height, width and depth
  2. Moving around in the 3D window is controlled by the______and the keyboard _______(NOT the numbers across the top of the keyboard, which are used to change______).
    • mouse, number pad,
    •  layers
  3. Types of viewing modes in Blender :
    • a. Orthographic View or Projection
    • b. Perspective View or Projection
  4. To toggle between Ortho User and Persp User,
    Number Pad 5.
  5. 3-view orthographic drawing,
    the top, front and right side
  6. two most characteristic features of perspective
    • a. Smaller
    • b. Foreshortened
  7. as their distance from the observer increases
  8. the size of an object's dimensions along the line of sight are relatively shorter than dimensions across the line of sight.
  9. Blender coordinate system:
    • X-axis (red) – Left / Right
    • Z-axis (blue) – Up / Down
    • Y-axis (green) – Front / Back
  10. will move the 3D cursor around on the screen and for dragging windows for selecting objects.
    Left Mouse Button (LMB)
  11. located is where the next item you create will be placed.
    3D cursor
  12. is used to select object or vertices in edit mode.
    Right Mouse Button (RMB)
  13. the wheel zooms in and out (like the + and - keys).
  14. let you rotate the view.
    holding down mouse wheel while dragging
  15. will let you pan around on the screen.
    Holding down Shift and Mouse Whee
  16. consists of the red, green and blue arrows for moving the object around the scene.
    3D Manipulator
  17. The 3D Manipulator Widgets:
    • A – Translation  C – Scaling 
    • B – Rotation      D – Translation, Rotation, Scaling combined
  18.  cursor over the small triangle,
    splitter widget,
  19. shows 4 views at once : Top Ortho, Front Ortho, Right Ortho and Camera Persp
  20. Get used to working with the _________(top, front, side) in _________when locating the 3D cursor. You will usually need to check the location of the cursor in at least ______when placing objects. New to Blender 2.6 is that the ______ of the view is displayed in the upper left corner of the viewport.
    principal views, orthographic mode, 2 views, name
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