blender- 2itfree(chapter3)

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  1. When you place an object in Blender, it comes into the scene in ______.
    Object Mode.
  2. 2 states in Blender
    Edit Mode and Object Mode.
  3. is intended for modifying the shape of the object by selecting vertices on the object.
    Edit mode
  4. Basic elements of a MESH:
    • a. Vertex (plural:vertices)
    • b. Edge
    • c. Face
  5. affects the object as a whole. The Tab button toggles you between the two. You can also see and change your mode at the bottom of the viewport.
    Object mode
  6. After inserting an object into your scene, always make sure you are in _______. Otherwise, the next object you create will be _____ to that mesh.
    • Object Mode.,
    • joined
  7. Another way to switch between Edit and Object modes besides using the Tab key is to use the _______ at the bottom of the 3D screen. Notice that there are a few more modes than just Edit and Object.
    Mode menu
  8. To precisely place the 3D cursor, use the _____ keys for options to move the cursor to objects, grid, and vice-versa.
  9. PRIMITIVES Mesh Types:
    • Plane
    • Cube
    • Circle
    • UV Sphere
    • Icosphere
    • Cylinder
    • Cone
    • Grid
    • Monkey
    • Empty Mesh
    • Torus
  10. A common object type used in a 3D scene is
  11. - sets the starting size for Circle, Cylinder, Cone, UV Sphere and Icosphere.
  12. sets the starting length for Cylinder and Cone.
  13. contains four vertices, four edges, and one face. It is like a piece of paper lying on a table; it is not a real three-dimensional object because it is flat and has no thickness. Objects that can be created with planes include floors, tabletops, or mirrors.
  14. contains eight vertices, twelve edges, and six faces, and is a real three-dimensional object. Objects that can be created out of cubes include dice, boxes, or crates.
  15. comprised of n vertices. The number of vertices and radius can be specified in the popup window which appears when the circle is created.
  16. made out of n segments and m rings.
    UV Sphere
  17. is made up of triangles.
  18. is made out of n vertices.
  19. doughnut-shaped primitive created by rotating a circle around an axis.
  20. is made out of n by m vertices.
  21. is a gift from old NaN to the community and is seen as a programmer’s joke or Easter Egg.
  22. three main modifying commands
    • “G” key- move or grab an object
    • “S” key- sizing or scaling an object
    • “R” key- rotating an object
  23. By default, you are measuring in ________
    Blender Units.
  24. Toggle between wireframe / solid view
  25. Hide/show Tool Shelf
  26. Hide/Show Transform panel
  27. Toggle between Object Mode / Edit Mod
    Tab key
  28. Shading Options:
    a. Smooth b. Flat
  29. is used to smooth objects when faces meet at a certain degree or less while larger angles are kept sharp. This is a great feature when Smooth does not work properly alone.
    Auto Smooth
  30. You will make a duplicate of those vertices.
    “E” key
  31. it will extrude only the vertices and no faces (not visible in 3D)
    Extrude Individual”
  32. Tool Shelf - Object Mode (Object Tools)
    • a. Transform
    • b. Origin
    • c. Object
    • d. Shading 
    • e. Keyframe 
    • f. Repeat
    • g. Grease pencil
  33. Tool Shelf – Edit Mode (Mesh Tools)
    • a. Transform 
    • b. Deform
    • c. Add
    • d. Remove
    • e. Normals 
    • f. UV Mapping
    • g. Shading
  34. is used to create a flow in the shape when editing vertices.
    Proportional Editing
  35. allows you to split edges differently than the subdivide command.
    Knife Tool
  36. allow you to cut or join meshes by using other meshes. In other words, A mesh can be made combining 2 meshes different from the Join command. When using Join, the 2 shapes still retain all vertices.
    Boolean operations
  37. Boolean Modifier options:
    • a. Intersection – what is shared
    • b. Union – joins the meshes
    • c. Difference – subtracts the mesh
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