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  1. Entre-Deux-Mers sits between what two rivers
    • Dordogne
    • Garonne
  2. Describe the soils of Entre-Deux-Mers
    • Series of plateaus (flat highland) and hills cut by rivers
    • Vines are interrupted by corn fields, plum orchards, woodland and meadows
    • Along rivers: alluvial sand and gravel
    • Plateaus and slopes: Gravel, clay-sand, clay-limestone
    • Sub-soils: clay, clay-limestone, limestone, sandy-clay, sandstone (agglomerated gravel and sand)
  3. Name the first Bordeaux AOC to mandate lab analysis
  4. Why do many produces in Entre-Deux-Mers use Bordeaux AOC rather than Entre-Deux-Mers AOC?
    • Fewer restrictions
    • Bordeaux AOC can be 100% varietal, 2K vines/ha, 65 hl/ha
    • Entre-Deux-Mers AOC mandates >70% SB/Sem, 4.5K vines/ha, 60 hl/ha, tasting plus lab analysis
    • Most of the acreage devoted to these AOCs is located in the center of the Entre-Deux-Mers region
  5. What wines are made in Haut-Benauge?
    • Entre-Deux-Mers-Haut-Benauge: dry-whites from Sem/SB/Muscadelle with up to 30% Merlot Blanc and up to 10% Colombard, Ugni Blanc, Mauzac
    • Bordeaux-Haut-Benauge: dry and moelleux whites from Sem/SB/M only
  6. What is the size of the AOCs within Entre-Deux-Mers?
    Haut-Benauge: 150 ha
  7. Describe the best vineyards for sweet white wines in Entre-Deux-Mers
    Slopes close to river
  8. Which Entre-Deux-Mers AOC makes the best sweet white wine?
    Sainte-Croix-du-Mont (most gravel)
  9. What types of wine are made in Entre-Deux-Mers?
    • Entre-Deux-Mers: dry white
    • Entre-Deux-Mers-Haut-Benauge: dry white
    • Bordeaux-Haut-Benauge: dry white, semi-sweet white
    • Cotes de Bordeaux-Saint-Macaire: dry white, semi-sweet white
    • Cadillac: sweet white
    • Loupiac: sweet white
    • Sainte-Croix-du-Mont: sweet white
    • Graves de Vayres: red, dry white, semi-sweet white
    • Sainte-Foy-Bordeaux: red, dry white, semi-sweet white
    • Premiers Cotes de Bordeaux: red, dry white, semi-sweet white
  10. How much red wine is produced in Entre-Deux-Mers?
    78% of planted acreage is bottled as Bordeaux and Bordeaux Superieur (because Entre-Deux-Mers is a dry white AOC only)
  11. Name 3 terrains unique to Entre-Deux-Mers
    • Battantes: very fine grained sands and clays found on the plateaus
    • Boulbenes: battantes compacted into hardpan
    • Ribot: iron-rich deposits
  12. Describe Sainte-Foy-Bordeaux
    • Most easterly of Bordeaux AOCs
    • Red is allowed but most wine is white and semi-sweet
  13. Describe Graves de Vayres
    • Left bank (south side) of Dordogne where Isle river deposits gravel
    • Most wine produced is Cabernet Sauvignon
    • Whites are Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon blends but up to 30% Merlot Blanc is allowed
  14. How many AOCs can wine produced in Haut-Benauge use?
    The nine communes of Haut-Benauge can choose from 5 AOCs (Bdx, Bdx Sup, Bdx-HB, EDM, EDM-HB)

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