midterm english vocab review

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  1. insipid
    lacking distinct qualities or character, vapid
  2. surreptitiously
    stealthily, sneakily
  3. ostentatious
    being pretentious or ingenuine to impress other people
  4. cogent
    convincing strongly, strong assent or belief
  5. effusive
    overly demonstrative, unreserved
  6. nascent
    beginning to exist or develop
  7. pejorative
    having a disparaging, derogatory, or belittling effect or force
  8. facile
    working,acting, or moving with ease, sometimes superficiality
  9. replete
    abundantly supplied or provided
  10. pugnacious
    inclined to quarrel, ready to fight
  11. facetious
    not meant to be taken seriously
  12. aesthetic
    of or pertaining to a sense of beauty
  13. eclectic
    of or selected from many different sources
  14. staid
    fixed, settled, or permanent
  15. affable
    kind , friendly, easy to talk to, approachable
  16. obdurate
    unyielding, steadfast, stubborn
  17. mollify
    to pacify, appease, make calm
  18. malfeasance
    a thing harmful or against the law, illegal, wrong
  19. caustic
    critical or sarcastic
  20. ebullience
    high in spirits, exhilaration, exuberance
  21. garrulous
    overly talkative, tendency to ramble on about trivial things
  22. inefficacious
    not bringing about the desired effect or result, ineffective
  23. truculent
    fierce, cruel, or brutal
  24. scrupulous
    principled, moral, attentive to what is right
  25. incredulous
    not inclined to believe, skeptical
  26. punctiliously
    strict or exact in formalities of conduct
  27. florid
    reddish, ruddy, rosy
  28. rakish
    dashing, dissolute, smart, jaunty
  29. raillery
    good humored ridicule, banter
  30. recherche
    carefully sought out
  31. diminutive
    small, little, tiny
  32. abject
    utterly hopeless, miserable, humiliating
  33. paroxysm
    a sudden, violent outburst, a fit or violent action, or emotion
  34. impertinent
    intrusive, presumptuous, insolently rude
  35. vivacity
    liveliness, animation, sprightliness
  36. copiously
    large or abundant (thoughts or words)
  37. solicitude
    feeling anxious, preoccupied, or concerned
  38. saturnine
    sluggish or gloomy in feeling
  39. impudence
    insolent, shameless, boldfaced audacity
  40. ignominy
    shame, public contempt
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