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  1. increases the frequency of certain alleles-the ones that contribute to reproductive success in a particular environment.
    The only one of the four processes that leads to adaptation
    Natural Selection
  2. Causes allele frequencies to cahnge randomly.
    In some cases may cause alleles that decrease fitness to increase in frequency
    Genetic Drift
  3. Occurs when individuals leave one population, join another, and breed.
    Allele frequencies may change because arriving individuals introduce alleles to their new population and departing individuals remove alleles from their old population
    Gene Flow
  4. Modifies allele frequencies by continually introducing new alleles. 
    These new alleles may be beneficial or deleterious or have no effect on fitness
  5. Group of individuals from the same species that live in the same area at the same time and can interbreed
  6. All alleles from all the gametes produced in each generation in a single group and then combine at random to form offspring
    Gene Pool
  7. List the 5 assumptions that must be met to meet the Hardy-Weinberg Model
    • Random Mating
    • No Natural Selection
    • No genetic Drift
    • No gene flow
    • No mutation
  8. A nonrandom mating between relatives
  9. Characteristics of inbreeding
    • Increases homozygosity
    • Does not cause evolution, because allele frequencies do not change in the population as a whole
    • Nonrandom mating changes only genotype frequencies, not allele frequencies, so is not an evolutionary process itself
    • Increases the rate at which natural selection eliminates recessive deleterious alleles from a population
  10. The decline in average fitness that takes place when homozygosity increases and heterozygosity decreases in a population
    Inbreeding depression
  11. The number of relative frequency of alleles that are present in a particular population
    Genetic Variation
  12. A form of nonrandom mating that does lead to changes in allele frequencies in the population and thus is a form of natural selection
    Sexual Selection
  13. A trait that is found in certain groups of organisms and their common ancestor, but is missing in more distant ancestors.
  14. Species concept that the main criterion for identifying species is reproductive isolation.
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