Idioms 3

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  1. to resemble
    parecerse a
  2. to intend
    pensar + inf.
  3. to think of (have an opinion about)
    pensar de
  4. to think of (direct someone's thoughts to)
    pensar en
  5. not to worry
    perder cuidado
  6. to lose sight of
    perder de vista
  7. to become (involuntarily)
    ponerse + inf.
  8. to begin to
    ponerse a + inf.
  9. to come to an agreement
    ponerse de acuerdo
  10. to keep
    quedarse con
  11. to complain of (about)
    quejarse de
  12. to mean
    querer decir
  13. to laught at
    reirse de
  14. to make fun of
    reirse de
  15. to look at
    reparar en
  16. to observe
    reparar en
  17. to notice
    reparar en
  18. (to know) by heart
    (saber) de memoria
  19. to take a picture
    sacar una fotografia
  20. to be fond of
    ser aficionado(-a) a
  21. to serve as
    servir de
  22. to  be useful for
    servir para
  23. to be good for
    servir para
  24. to dream of
    sonar con
  25. to be late in
    tardar en +inf.
  26. to delay in
    tardar en + inf.
  27. to try to
    tratar de + inf.
  28. to be a question of
    tratarse de
  29. to be concerned with
    tratarse de
  30. to come upon
    tropezar con
  31. to meet (unexpectedly)
    tropezar con
  32. to be worthwhile
    valer la pena
  33. to ... again
    volver a + inf.
  34. to regain consciousness
    volver en si
  35. to come to
    volver en si
  36. to be pleasing (to be pleased with)
    • agradar
    • (gustar)
  37. to be enough
    bastar (gustar)
  38. to suffice
    bastar (gustar)
  39. to be painful
    doler (gustar)
  40. to cause sorrow
    doler (gustar)
  41. to be lacking
    faltar, hacer falta (gustar)
  42. to need
    faltar, hacer falta (gustar)
  43. to seem
    parecer (gustar)
  44. to be pleasing ( to like)
    placer (gustar)
  45. to remain (to someone)
    quedarle ( a uno) (gustar)
  46. to have left
    quedarle (gustar)
  47. to be leftover
    sobrar (gustar)
  48. to have too much
    sobrar (gustar)
  49. to be one's turn
    tocarle ( a uno) (gustar)
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