Public Speaking Final Exam

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  1. The belief that one’s own group of culture is superior to all other
    groups or cultures.
  2. 1.Acquire speaking experience

    2.Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

    3.Think Positively

    4.Use the Power Visualization

    5.Know that most nervousness is not visible.

    6.Don’t expect perfection
    Dealing with Nervousness
  3. The branch of philosophy that deals with issues of right and
    wrong in human affairs.
  4. Presenting another person’s language or ideas as one’s own.
  5. Listening to evaluate a message for purposes of
    accepting or rejecting it.
    Critical Listening
  6. Types of Listening
    • Appreciative
    • Empathic
    • Comprehensive
    • Critical
  7. A carefully prepare and rehearsed speech that is presented from a brief
    set of notes.
    Extemporaneous Speech
  8. A single infinitive phrase that states precisely what a speaker hopes to
    accomplish in his or her speech.
    Specific Purpose
  9. A one-sentence statement that sums up or encapsulates the major ideas of
    Central Idea
  10. Think in advance about your listeners’ background and interest, about
    their level of knowledge regarding the speech topic.
    Audience Analysis
  11. Audience analysis that focuses on situational factors such as the size
    of the audience, the physical setting for the speech, and the disposition of
    the audience toward the topic, the speaker, and the occasion
    Situational Audience Analysis
  12. A specific case used to illustrate or represent a group of people, ideas,
    conditions, experiences or the like. 
  13. A word or phrase that indicates when a speaker has finished one thought
    and is moving on to another.
  14. Get the attention and interest of your audience     
    Reveal the topic of your speech

    Establish your credibility and goodwill

    Preview the body of the speech
    Elements of Introduction
  15. A detailed outline developed during the process of speech preparation
    that includes the title, specific purpose, central idea, introduction, main
    points, subpoints, connectives, conclusion, and bibliography of a speech.
    Preparation Outline
  16. A brief outline used to jog a speaker’s memory during the presentation
    of a speech.
    Speaking Outline
  17. The meaning suggested by the associations or emotions triggered by a
    word or phrase.
  18. The literal or dictionary meaning of a word or phrase.
  19. words that refer to tangible objects.
    Concrete Words
  20. Words that refer to ideas or concepts
    Vague (Abstract) words
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