Chapter 11 procedures

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  1. x-ray of the cerebral arteries, including the internal carotids, taken after the injection of a contrast medium
    cerebral angiography / cerebral arteriography
  2. injection of a chemical substance to destroy part of the thalmus. used to treat Parkinson's and Huntington's diseases
  3. incision of the spinal cord to relieve pain
    cordtomy / chordotomy
  4. incision into the skull as a surgical approach or to relieve intracranial pressure
    craniotomy / trephination
  5. assessment of an automatic motor response by striking a tendon.
    deep tendon reflexes (DTR)
  6. the loss or diminution of the Achilles tendon reflex seen in sciatica
    Babinski's sign
  7. ultrasound exam of the brain, usually done only on newborns because sound waves do not readily penetrate bone
  8. record of the electrical activity of the brain
    electroencephalography (EEG)
  9. removal of the dorsal root ganglia to treat pain
    ganglionectomy of the dorsal root
  10. removal of cerebral hemisphere to treat intractable epilepsy
  11. procedure to aspirate CSF from the lumbar subarachonoid space. a needle is inserted between two lumbar vertebrae to withdraw the fluid for diagnostic purposes. once removed, the CSF is analyzed to detect pathogens and abnormalities.
    lumbar puncture (LP) / spinal tap
  12. x-ray of the spinal canal after the introduction of a radiopaque contrast
  13. use of anesthesia to prevent sensory nerve impulses from reaching the CNS
    nerve block
  14. test of the functioning of CNS or peripheral nerves.
    nerve conduction test
  15. excision of part or all of the nerve to alleviate pain
  16. removal of the fifth cranial nerve to treat trigeminal neuralgia
  17. surgical repair of a nerve
  18. incision of a nerve
  19. used to treat facet joint pain in the neck and back
    radiofrequency ablation
  20. destruction of the globus pallidum to treat Parkinson's disease. the procedure relieves muscular rigidity and tremors
  21. crushing the phrenic nerve to cause its paralysis
    phrenemphraxis / phrenicotripsy / phreniclasis
  22. measurement and record of a number of functions while the patient is asleep.
    polysomnography (PSG)
  23. resection of the dorsal root of a spinal nerve to relieve pain
  24. surgical interruption of part of the sympathetic pathways for the relief of chronic pain or to promote vasodilation
  25. cutting of a nerve tract to alleviate pain
  26. method of pain control effected by the application of electrical impulses to the skin
    transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)
  27. cutting of a branch of the vagus nerve to reduce the secretion of gastric acid
  28. the creation of a new opening between a blocked ventricle and a cerebral cistern.
  29. procedure to drain fluid from brain ventricles through a shunt, catheter, and valve that leads to the abdominal cavity.
  30. a procedure that uses a fiberoptic camera to visualize neural structures
  31. a new opening between the third ventricle and the subarachnoid space used to treat one type of hydrocephalus
    ventriculostomy, endoscopic
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