unit 4 test review

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  1. what is autotrophic nutrition and heterophic nutrition
    • auto: makes its own food
    • hetero: must ingest food
  2. formula for photosynthesis
    carbon + water >(light)> glucose + oxygen
  3. functions of guard cells are
    regulate water loss and exchange of gasses
  4. cellular resp occurs in the....
  5. formula for cellular resp
    oxygen + glucose >enzymes> carbon + water + ATP
  6. chemical messengers are received by
    receptor molecules
  7. if you have high blood sugar level, what happens?
    pancreas releases insulin into the blood
  8. if you have low blood sugar level?
    pancreas releases glucagon into the blood
  9. what is vasodilation
    blood vessels dilate to let heat escape to enviroment
  10. what is vasocontriction
    blood vessels constrict to prevent heat from escaping to enviroment
  11. what is shivering?
    involuntary contraction of muscles
  12. more oxygen requires...
    increased breathing rate and increased circulation(heart rate)
  13. what structure within cell membrane is responsible for a cells reaction to a hormone?
    receptor proteins
  14. will there be a reaction to glucagon if it comes in contact with insulin receptor?
    NO. glucagon will not match up its shape with insulin receptor
  15. Hormones are released by the _________ system
  16. guard cells release 2 gases which are...
    oxygen and carbon dioxide
  17. whats the food created by plants during photosynthesis?
  18. how is energy stored within organic compounds
    energy is stored between the bonds of organic molecules (ATP, glucose,etc)
  19. describe the steps of how food is turned into energy?
    • 1.ingest
    • 2.digest (small intestine)
    • 3. absorbed into blood
    • 4. circulated
    • 5. diffuses into cell
    • 6. synthesizes
  20. enery from cellular resp. is stored in ...
  21. energy is used to power all ____ activities in the body
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