Chapter 8: Fossils

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  1. fossil
    • A fossil is the preserved remains or traces of a living thing.
    • Fossils show how organisms have change over time.
    • Fossils also show how earth itself has changed
  2. mold
    • Mold preserve the shapes of organisms
    • A mold is the hollow space that is left
  3. Cast
    • Cast preserves the shape of organism
    • A cast forms when dissolved minerals fill the space and harden
  4. Index fossil
    • An index fossil helps scientists find the age of a rock layer that may be out of order.
    • Index fossils come from organisms that lived in many places around the world during a brief period of time
    • Index fossils provide a way to match rocks of the same age found in different places
  5. paleontology
    paleontology is the study of fossils. Paleontologists study ways living things have changed. they look for clues to a past organism's size and shape and try to learn what it ate and how it moved
  6. trace fossils
    they trace the age of the fossils which lived during that period
  7. continental drift
    when continents begin to separate from each other
  8. pangea
    before the continents separated from each other it was a huge land mass known as pangea
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