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  1. What does Abiotic Mean?
    Something in the environment that is non-living.

    Examples include:

    • light
    • water
    • temperature
    • soil
  2. What is Chaparral?
    A plant community (like a city of plants) that has lots of shrubs or small trees growing together in place.

  3. Define Coniferous:
    These are treas that have cones.

    • Examples:
    • Pine
    • Fir
    • Redwood

  4. Define Deciduous:
    Trees that shed their leaves each year.


    • cottonwood
    • willow
    • walnut
    • redbud
    • oak trees

  5. Define Evergreen:
    A plant that does not lose all of its leaves at one time.

    • Examples:
    • live oak
    • most coniferous trees
  6. A PINE TREE is:
    EVERGREEN--never completely loses it's leaves and is coniferous.
  7. What does Exotic mean?
    Exotic means a foreign (not from here) plant or animal.  One that has been introduced into a new, non-native area.

    • For example:
    • opossum
    • ring-necked pheasant
    • palm tree
    • all are exotic to this area (they did not come from here but were brought here)
  8. What is Flora?
    Plant Life!

  9. What does Native mean when talking about a plant or animal?
    An animal or plant that naturally occurs in the area.

    Examples in this area (Sacramento/Foothills):

    • Deer
    • mountain lion
    • pine trees
  10. What is Photosynthesis?
    This is how green plants make simple sugars (food energy) by using sunlight, carbon dioxide and water.

  11. What does pollinate mean?
    Pollinate means to move pollen from one plant to another plant.

    • examples of pollinators are:
    • bees
    • butterflies
    • bat
    • ladybugs

  12. What is a Snag?
    • A Snag is a standing dead tree (often is a shelter for many animals).

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