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  1. Antitussives
    P: Dextromethorpan

    MOA: blocks cough reflex center in medulla

    AE: dizzy, resp depression, dry mouth
  2. Decongestants
    MOA: ↓ blood flow and secretions to upper resp tract 

    • Ephedrine
    • - sympathomimetic effects (NE)
    • - vasocontricts (↓ edema, ↓  inflam nasal membranes)
    • AE: rebound congestion; disorientation, confusion, light head, NV, fever, dyspnea

    • Flunisolide
    • - anti-inflammatory; direct local effect
    • AE: ↑ risk infection, local burning, irritation, stinging, dry mucosa, headache
  3. Antihistamine
    P: Diphenhydramine

    MOA: blocks histamine (histamine increases secretions & narrows airways

    AE: thickening bronchial secretions, urinary freq, drowsy, sedation, dizzy, epigastric distress, bradycardia

    Other Ind: motion sickness, parkinsonism, sleep aid to suppress cough
  4. Expectorants
    P: Guaifenesin

    MOA: ↑ prod cough; ↓ adhesiveness & surface tension of fluid

    AE: NV, headache, dizzy, rash
  5. Mucolytics

    MOA: ↑ or liquify resp secretions

    AE: urticaria, bronchospasm, rhinorrhea, stomatitis

    Other Ind: prevent acetaminophen toxicity hepatic injury
  6. Xanthines
    P: Aminophylline (-phylline)

    MOA: relaxes bronchial smooth muscle 

    Ind: bronchial asthma, COPD sympt

    AE: palpitations, life-threaten arrhythmia, resp arrest, loss appetite, proteinuria, irritable, restless, dizzy, fever, flushing

    • *Full glass water
    • *Take with food if GI upset
    • *DO NOT CHEW
    • *take exactly as prescribed
  7. Sympathomimetics
    P: Epinephrine

    MOA: alpha & beta sites in SNS

    IND: anaphylatic shock, acute emergency (resp distress)

    AE: SNS effects, local burn & itch
  8. Anticholinergic Bronchodilators
    P: Ipratropium

    MOA: blocks vagus nerve mediated reflexes by antagonizing action of Ach

    Ind: bronchospasm of COPD

    AE: anticholingeric effects (urin freq, dry mouth, etc)
  9. Inhaled Steroids
    P: Budesonide

    MOA: ↓ inflammatory response in airway

    Ind: asthma

    AE: ↑ risk for infections (pharyngeal & laryngeal), sore throat, hoarseness, cough, dry mouth

    • No preg or lact
  10. Leukotriene Receptor Antagonist
    P: Zarfirlukast

    • MOA: SRSA (slow reacting substance of anaphylaxis
    • - block receptors of leukotrienes (compon of SRSA)
    • - block airway edema & processes of inflam

    Ind: asthma

    AE: headache, dizzy, gen pain & fever, infection
  11. Mast Cell Stabilizers
    P: Cromolyn

    MOA: Inhibit mast cell release of histamines, leukotrienes, SRSA

    Ind: Asthma

    AE: sore throat, dysuria, nasal congest, cough, headache, dizzy
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