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  1. Six Degrees of Separation-how was the experiment conducted?
    Milgram sent several packages to random people in the United States, asking them to forward the package, by hand, to someone specific or someone who is more likely to know the target.
  2. Kevin Bacon’s Game

    Mr. Bacon can be traced to all (well, almost all) other actors by moving through the movies each has made.

  3. A network can have a huge potential, but it becomes useful for you only if …In the real world, most of the connections between people are … This problem is solved by a type of websites …These websites help you to … You can now see your friend’s friend’s …..friend and can make him your friend too. Due to this feature, you are exposed to the entire …You can communicate and interact together based on …etc You can build …

    • the people belong to it and the connections are visible; hidden
    • called social networking sites; see people and connections
    • network; interests, activities, business needs; relationships and community

  4. Social networks are... They exist. It exists as long as we have. Online social network is a crude representation of our … in the way that ….for example, sharing same…

    not new; offline network; we have multiple groups of friends with whom we have different relationship; experience, lifestage, hobby

  5. Social networks make it easier to … In the past we would have to …them to catch up. We now have an …to connect to them that didn't previously exist.
    reconnect and catch up with weak ties; meet or phone; easy route
  6. Temporary ties are…. Temporary ties are becoming more …online.

    people that you have no recognized relationship with, but that you temporarily interact with; commonplace

  7. One friends group means the problem of …. The ….feature of Google+ users to organize contacts into groups and spread them tailored content based on what circle they are in. Benefits of circle includes…

    • mixed up conversations; circle
    • Enable people to connect with certain people at certain times
    • Encourage more sharing because online conversation is usually a “public performance” which means we often share less because of “stage fright”
    • sensitive in the way that a creator can put people in different circles without that person knowing which circle they are in

  8. how have online social network changed us?
    Increasing numbers: Lots of loose connections which are virtual (i.e. Little link with the real world), characterised by…. Decreasing Intimacy: Smaller number of connections with people that …(i.e. Are friends, have been friends or colleagues)….but we have …

    frequent short interactions which we have little/No responsibility to these connections.

    often have a real world link; Some responsibility to these connections.
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