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  1. Source Code are
  2. set of computer instructions (algorithm) written by programmers
  3. An example of Free vs. Open is…“The word "free" does not refer to price; it refers to the freedom to …. and The freedom to….; for this, the source code….
    IE VS Firefox

    copy a program and redistribute it

    change a program; must be made available to you.”
  4. Four Software Freedoms

    • Freedom to run the program
    • Freedom to study the program and modify it for your own use
    • Freedom to redistribute verbatim copies
    • Freedom to improve the program, and release your improvements

  5. Open Source vs Proprietary

    • License flows with the code vs arms-length agreement
    • Use ‘Permission’ (unconditional use) VS Use ‘restrictions’
    • Limited licensor obligations vs robust licensor obligations eg. Warranties, updates, support and maintenance, infringement indemnations
    • Free or low cost VS licensed for a fee

  6. The Cathedral and the Bazaar

    • Hierarchical VS Decentralized
    • Top Down VS bottom up
    • Formal vs informal
    • Closed vs open

  7. LAMP

    • Linux – Operating System
    • Apache – Web Server software
    • MySQL – MySQL database
    • PHP – PHP, Pearl, Python

  8. Copyleft is a form of …and can be used to modify copyrights for works such as…It is a licensing scheme in which an author surrenders ….under copyright law. In software, open source copyleft licenses place the primary restriction …with a copy of the licensed software and …

    • licensing; as computer software, documents, music and art
    • some but not all rights; that information helpful in supporting modification of software (e.g. source code) must be made available to a user; allows the original author to be acknowledged

  9. Open Source Depository: Sourceforge is a….; GitHub is…; Worldchanging is a ….

    web-based source code repository; a kind of wikipedia for programmers; free online, open source community dedicated to improving global living conditions through innovative and sustainable design

  10. Open Source Winning formula: Relentless commitment to working in a …way. Encouraging small contribution to … Allow easier …Using signaling mechanisma to help people decide …It is much easier to recognize the insight the solves a problem than it is to have the insight . Convert individual insight into …insight

    modular way (divide task into smaller subtasks); reduce barrier of entry; rescue of earlier work; where to direct their attention; collective

  11. Similarities to Wikipedia: Like Wikipedia, open source movement encouraging…. If someone lost interest, other could …Product grows…, through voluntary contribution, one version at a time. The number of people who are willing to start something is smaller, much smaller than the number of people who are willing to …once someone else start something. Open source software“publish and…and“Given Enough Eyeballs, All Bugs Are Shallow”

    communal involvement; pick up the effort; incrementally better; contribute; filter

  12. Getting failures for free: In traditional organization, trying anything new is…, so it …first. Open system, on the other hand, has…. It enables the participants to fail like crazy, building on the success as they go. Anyone can try anything, even the…. If a large number of users is trying things, then …The web 2.0 technology is …

    Expensive; filter ideas; minimal cost of failure; risky stuff can be tried; something good have a high chance of being discovered; making this pattern of production easier and durable

  13. An OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a …for faculty, students, and self-learners throughout the world. OCW is not a …initiative: there are no …granted, no …and no … OCW can …a distance-learning initiative, taking content from and directing learners toward an existing …OCW is a collection of including… presented in the form of courses. OCW materials are there for the taking and for transformation, which are…
    free and open educational resource; distance-learning; degrees; student/faculty interactions; transcripts; complement; e-learning curriculum

    high-quality learning materials ; Planning Materials, Subject Materials, Learning Activities, Related Resources

    Reuse, Rework, Remix, Redistribute
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