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  1. Troubles with sharing: By default every creative work is protected by …and mostly …is prohibited. If you want to share your work with others and allow the use or redistribution under certain conditions, you can make your work available under ….The most popular Open Content Licenses are… which is used by … & …., which is Used by a lot of …

    copyright laws; using and redistribution; an Open Content License.; GNU Free Documentation License;; Creative Commons License; Weblogs

  2. Creative Commons: Creative Commons is ….Licenses are not designed for…, but rather for other kinds of creative work: websites, scholarship, music, film, photography, literature, courseware etc. The aim of the organization is to …It provides free …tools and grant …ahead of time for authors, scientists, artists, and educators easily mark their creative work with the …they want it to carry. It helps to …so that he can …with anyone. These permissions include the right to …

    a non-profit organization designed to institute free legal tools to allow “sharing and use of creativity and knowledge” by using specialized copy right licenses that can lift restrictive covenant of "all rights reserved’; software; create a space and community where artists can freely share their work; legal; permission; freedoms; manage the creator’s own copyright; manage the creator’s own copyright; collaborate and share material; copy/distribute, perform, display, build upon, and remix

  3. Copyright vs. CC: Copyright happens …and lasts from the moment a work is created until …. Copyright comes with several rights, and creators may …Creative commons provide …that facilitate ….Creative commons is …and are ... Creative commons apply in the same way anywhere in the world. Creators …to create a license that suits their needs, and tells you what you can and can’t do with their work. There are …licenses.

    Automatically; 70 years after the death of the creator; not want or need all of them; standardised licences; sharing; flexible; easy to use and understand; combine the different elements of the condition; six;

  4. three crucial parts of CC licenses: The human readable code is a summary of the ….(which is the Legal Code)—basically, what others can and cannot do with the work. Think of it as the …to the Legal Code beneath. This Deed itself has no …value, and its contents …in the actual license. The lawyer readable code is the actual license; a document designed to be enforced in a court of law. The machine readable code describes the key license elements that apply to a piece of content to enable ….To mark a work, creators Use the ….to generate appropriate link, image, and metadata

    key terms of the actual license; user-friendly interface; legal; do not appear; discovery through CC-enabled search engines; CC License Chooser

  5. CC is not: (1)…– just another rights management tool for creators (2)…. – just giving certain permission in advance (3)….– can charge for first use, commercial uses, “premium” service, or embed advertising (4)…..– entirely voluntary, and won’t be best solution for all creators
    Anti-copyright; The public domain; Anti-commercial; Right for every situation
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