Who says it: Source factors in persuasion

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  1. What is Charisma?
    A certain quality of the individual personality by virtue of which he is set apart from ordinary men and treated as endowed with supernatural, superhuman, or at least expeptional power and qualities
  2. The chemistry between speaker and audience is a product of a particular set of?
    Circumstances, Psychological need and social conditions
  3. What are three fundamental communicator characteristics?
    Authority, Credibility and social attractiveness
  4. Why do people go along with authority figures?
    Because they hope to get rewards or avoid punishments. Authorities lose their grip if enough people resist. The Milgram study has genegerated rich insights about human behaviour, illuminating dark sides of persuasion that continue to intergue students and scolars today.
  5. What is ethical proscriptions?
    Guidelines to protect human subjects from harm in studies
  6. Why do we accept recommendations advanced by credible communicators?
    because they are congruent with our values or attitudes. It dates back to Aristotle, who coined the term ethos to describe qualities of the source that facilitated persuasion
  7. What is credibility?
    The attitude toward a source of communication held at a given time by a reciever. It's an audience member's perceptions of the communicator's qualities. Communicators must earn an audience's respect and win it's credibility
  8. What are the most important characgteristics to win credibility?
    Expertise, trustworthiness, goodwill. However context makes it more difficult
  9. What is the expectancy-violation model?
    Communicators gain in credibility to the degree that they take unexpected positions on issues
  10. What are unexpected positions on issues?
    • Knowledge bias: Presumption that a communicator has a biased view on the issue
    • Reporting bias: The perception that the communicator has opted not to report or disclose certain facts or points of view.
  11. What are socially attractive communicators?
    Those who are likable, similar to message recipients, and physically appealing can also induce attitude change.
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