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  1. What are the approximate longest widths and heights of the different 737s?
    NG/-800: 117'-5"W/41'-2"H

    NG/-700: 117'-5"W/41'-2"H

    CL/-300W: 102'-1"W/36'-6"H

    CL/-500: 94'-9"W/36'-6"H
  2. What is the minimum width of pavement for a 180 degree turn and what is the limiting factor for each 737?
    NG/-800: 79.1'/Winglet

    NG/-700: 66.4'/Winglet

    CL/-300W: 65'/Horz stab

    CL/-500: 78.7'/Horz stab
  3. Where can the cabin emergency exit lights be manually activated?
    Flight Deck overhead panel

    Aft Flight Attendant panel
  4. With the Emergency Exit Lights Switch in the ARMED position, when will the emergency lights automatically illuminate?
    Electrical power to DC bus No. 1 fails

    AC power turned off
  5. Where is the portable ELT (if installed) located?
    -7/800: Forward galley stowage compartment
  6. When does the Passenger Oxygen horn sound and when do the masks drop?
    Horn: 10,000' cabin altitude

    Masks: 14,000' cabin altitude (PASS OXY ON light illuminates, cabin lights automatically adjust to White Bright)
  7. On the crewmember oxygen mask station, what do the NORMAL/100% switch provide?
    NORMAL: supplies air/oxygen mixture on demand (ratio depends on cabin altitude)

    100%: supplies 100 percent oxygen on demand
  8. On the crewmember oxygen mask station, what do the Oxygen Mask EMERGENCY/Test Selector (rotary) positions provide?
    Normal (non-emergency) position: supplies air/oxygen mixture or 100 percent oxygen on demand, depending upon the position of the NORMAL/100% switch. Automatically supplies 100 percent oxygen under positive pressure when cabin altitude is above a preset value.

    EMERGENCY position: supplies 100 percent oxygen under positive pressure at all cabin altitudes (protects against smoke and harmful vapors).
  9. Where is the panel which contains the controls to drain the potable water?
    Below the AFT Entry door
  10. With the FASTEN SEATBELT switch in the AUTO position, when will the Passenger FASTEN SEATBELT signs illuminate/extinguish?
    Illuminate: flaps OR gear are extended

    Extinguish: flaps AND gear are retracted
  11. On RON-originating aircraft, how long must the ceiling lights must be on BRT prior to takeoff for the photoluminescent floor path marking system to be charged?
    30 min
  12. How long will oxygen be available on a PBE and where are they stored?
    15 - over 20 minutes

    One in the flight deck and two in the FWD and AFT entry stowage compartments
  13. What is the mixture and how long does the passenger oxygen system last? How is it activated?
    100% oxygen

    Approx 12 min and cannot be shut off

    Pulling down on any mask
  14. What kind of fire extinguishers are carried and where are they located?
    H2O and Halon

    Flight deck: 1 Halon

    FWD F/A compartments: 1 Halon, 1 H2O

    AFT F/A compartments: 1 Halon
  15. How many first aid kits, Emer Med Kits, and Defibrillators are carried and where are they located?
    First aid kits: (2) - 1 in FWD & AFT F/A compartments.

    EMK: (1) - located in FWD F/A compartment

    Defibrillators: (1) - located in FWD F/A compartment
  16. What is one thing that a PSEU light will indicate?
    If a flight lock has failed locked or a fault is detected (the OVERHEAD annunciator, and the MASTER CAUTION lights will also illuminate). These indications are inhibited from takeoff until 30 seconds after the aircraft is in the ground mode. (NG ONLY)
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