Vocabulary words to learn

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  1. Laconic
    (of a person, speech, or style of writing) Using very few words. Synonyms: terse - concise - brief - succinct - short - curt
  2. Sartorial
    of or relating to tailoring
  3. Cloy
    to disgust or sicken (someone) with an excess of sweetness, richness, or sentiment
  4. Sylph
    imaginary spirit of the air, slender girl
  5. Harridan
    a strict bossy or belligerent old woman
  6. Frisson
    a strong feeling of excitement or fear
  7. Sardonic
    grimly mocking or cynical
  8. Ineluctable
    unable to be resisted or avoided
  9. Approbation
    approval or praise: the opera met with high approbation.
  10. Febrile
    having or showing the symptoms of a fever: a febrile illness.;  having or showing a great deal of nervous excitement or energy
  11. Cachet
    the state of being respected or admired.
  12. Alliteration
    series of words starting with the same first letter or sound
  13. Redolent
    strongly reminiscent of something;  strongly smelling of something
  14. Demur
    to raise doubts or objections
  15. Venal
    susceptible to bribery
  16. Asperity
    harshness of tone or manner
  17. Inchoate
    just begun, not fully formed, rudimentary
  18. Ineffable
    too great or extreme to be expressed in words
  19. Desultory
    lacking a plan or purpose or enthusiasm
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