Marketing Chap. 14

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  1. IMC
    • Integrated Marketing Communications
    • Coordination of all forms of mkting comm that maximize impact on a tgt mkt
    • lives w/i mkting mix
    • may use some elements of all mkting comm mix
  2. Media Advertising
    • paid form of mkting comms through the media
    • eg. tv, radio, print, out of home (billboards) internet, mail out (direct response)
  3. Experiential
    • consumer tries product out
    • eg wii
  4. Interactive Media
    Cell phones, video games, social media
  5. Sales promotion
    • promote trial purchase
    • eg. bogo
  6. Personal Selling
    face to face contact
  7. Public Relations
    • relationship mgmt.
    • generate info into news
    • heavy use of press: conferences, releases, advertising, events
    • eg. websites, internal publications, newsletter, interface w/ public
  8. Events Mkting
    promotion around specific product
  9. Why focus on IMC?
    • growth in database, CRM
    • growth in innovative comms devices, smartphones
    • clients expect more from mkting
    • customers are desensitized by clutter and traditional methods
    • increased competition
  10. IMC Planning
    • objectives
    • tgt mkt, who is and how to reach
  11. Pull Strategy
    • create demand by directing mkt comm efforts at consumers
    • advertising promos, flyers, event mkting, GET TO USER
  12. Push Strategy
    • create demand for product by directing mkt comm mix to give incentive to retailers
    • personal, sales promo, event mkting
  13. Determine Budget
    consider: customer, industry averages, arbitrary allocation, task, % of sales, product life cycle
  14. Advertising
    • paid form of persuasive mkting comm through media
    • influence thought pattern of tgt group
    • motivate purchase
  15. Differences b/w Adv. and PR
    • adv. pays and has control of message. Most visible form of mkting comm.
    • PR message is free, sponsored by media. COMPANY DOESN'T HAVE CONTROL
  16. Creative Objectives
    • What to say?
    • verbal message
    • communicates primary benefit
    • can include key benefit statement and tagline
    • Eg Nike, Just do it
  17. Creative Strategy
    • How to say it? How to communicate w tgt mkt?
    • visual/ feel of message
    • address tone and style through images and layout, APPEAL TECHNIQUES
    • eg. funny, dramatic
  18. 5 W's
    • Who? Tgt mkt
    • What? Media form
    • When? Best time to reach tgt mkt
    • Where? National, regional, local
    • HOW? build up strategy, blitz
  19. Reach
    total # of people exposed to message
  20. Frequency
    • how many times audience is exposed to message during a period of time
    • eg. a week
  21. Continuity
    Length of time required to create impact on tgt mkt through media
  22. Shotgun
    • tgt mkt is broad, mass media w/ broad reach is appropriate
    • eg. reach adults 18+
  23. Profile Matching
    • tgt description includes several demographic and psychographic variables that require more selective media choices
    • eg. married women, 25-50 who balance carrer and household
  24. Rifle Strategy
    • key element of tgt description is often an interest or activity. Demographics not so important
    • eg. tgt mkt are snowboarders
  25. Brand Democratization
    some control of mkting functions given to consumer
  26. Consumer Generated Content
    online content created by consumers, for consumers
  27. Crowdsourcing
    use collective talents of public to complete mkting tasks normally undertaken by a third party
  28. Benefits of Social Media
    • Word of mouth
    • Customer engagement
    • Direct Contact
    • Customer preferences
  29. Word of Mouth
    comm. among friends
  30. Customer Engagement
    contest and general conversation
  31. Direct Contact
    allows for quick feedback
  32. Customer Preferences
    stay current, on top of trends
  33. Mobile Communiction
    • Location Based Mkting, where are people
    • fastest growing medium
    • QR Codes
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