Science Finals pt2

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  1. When writing chemical formulas the ____ is always  written first while the anion is always written.
  2. The DMV triangle...
    • D= Mass/Volume
    • V= Mass/Density
    • M= Density x Volume
  3. Jake has a book, a ruler, and a triple-beam balance. How can Jake find the density of the book with the tools he has?
    The triple-beam balance can determine the weight, the ruler can be used to measure the length, width, and height of the book then multiply all by 3
  4. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of minerals?
    either liquid or solid
  5. Which of these factors affects the rate of weathering?
    • surface area of the exposed rock
    • chemical composition of the exposed rock
    • Climate
  6. Mineral are classified by ___.
  7. The color of the powdered form of a mineral is called ___.
  8. Mineral formation caused by high pressures and high temperatures would most likely occur in which of the following environments?
    deep within the earth
  9. Which of the following properties is generally the LEAST useful in identifying minerals?
  10. The appearance or quality of light reflected from the surface of a mineral is called ______.
  11. What is the density of a mineral?
    the ratio of a minerals mass to its volume
  12. The most common mineral group in earths crust is the ____.
  13. What determines whether a mineral will show cleavage or break in irregular fractures?
    internal atomic structure
  14. How could you determine if a simple of the gold is pure?
    Compare the samples color with that of pure gold.
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