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  1. Richard Lester
    • Influenced by European New Wave.
    • Made a film in 1964 staring the Beatles titled A Hard Day’s Night.
    • His cinematic style was good.
    • Consided the “father of the music video”
  2. Bonnie and Clyde
    • Came out in 1967.
    • Part of the Great Film Renaissance.
    • This movie launches the trend.
    • Warren Beatty produced it and also started as Clyde.
    • He was intrigued by the French New Wave.
    • Consists of elements from the Great Film Renaissance.
    • 1) Criticism of military service and violence.
    • 2) Materialism (suburbanism)
    • 3) anti-Christianity
    • 4) Emphasis on youth
    • 5) Emphasis on sex, drugs, experimental sex. It had also used handheld cameras and the actors were method actors.
  3. Dirty Harry
    • Came out in 1971 and was directed by Don Siegel.
    • Was part of the 1970s movie theme of “lone wolf film.”
    • Where a frustrated male is frustrated with a situation in his life and acts on his own to correct it.
    • This movie was successful in this theme.
  4. Star Wars
    • Directed by George Lucas in 1977.
    • Lucas went from studio to studio to pitch it but was rejected each time until 20th Century Fox had accepted it.
    • They had thought that the movie wouldn’t last, people predicted a cinematic disaster.
    • There was not CGI (computer generated images).
  5. multiplex
    • 1986 was the birth of the multiplex.
    • The amount of movie theaters were decreasing but the amount of screens had increased in each building.
    • Built near or in shopping malls.
    • Designed to keep you comfortable so that you can stay there longer.
    • 80% of their profits come from the snack bar.s
  6. Francis Ford Coppola
    • Director of the Godfather.
    • Part of the New Generation Directors.
    • Does traditional genre film.
    • Auteur filmmaker.
  7. David Lynch
    • One of his theme of his movies is dark satire.
    • His first noteworthy film was Blue Velvet (1986) which was combination of film noir and a porn film.
    • Incorporated film to avoid certain fees.
  8. James Cameron
    • Breakthrough film is The Terminator.
    • Loves technology and loves to blend technology.
    • Idea of the Terminator first started about a nightmare.
    • Another movie he had done was the Titanic.
    • The first $200 million dollar movie.
  9. The Ratings System
    • Replaced the Production Code Administration.
    • In 1968 Jack Valenti had created the MPPA film ratings system.
    • Movies had ratings of G, M, R and X. Each rating shows how safe the film was, for children or not.
    • Letter rating had an effect on the box office because people had aimed for a rating of R.
    • Not a lot of people really cared for the rating of G.
  10. Robert Altman
    • Directed M.A.S.H. which was about the Korean War.
    • 14 directors had turned the film down.
    • Part of the great film renaissance
    • An auteur director.
    • He had made a new approach to sound and dialogue and had used all new stars.
    • The themes in this film were unpatriotic, antimilitary and anti-christianity.
  11. The Exorcist
    • Came out in 1973 and was under the theme of occult films.
    • Dealt with Satan and evil.
    • Rejected Renaissance films.
    • The villains started becoming non-humans
    • The supreme problem of the world was the supernatural.
    • There were dramatic religious revival.
  12. Jaws
    • Directed by Steven Spielberg in 1975.
    • Some breakthroughs from the film was special effect achievements (the mechanical shark) and the marketing (saturations booking for the first time).
    • It became the top grossing film of all time.
  13. Apocalypse Now
    • Directed by Francis Ford Coppola in 1979.
    • Considered the ultimate auteur picture.
    • The perfect combination of massive studio expenditure and equally massive artistic risk.
  14. VCR
    • Videocassette recorder.
    • With a VCR you are able to record audio and video onto a videocassette and play it back later on.
    • In 1980 Disney and Universal and filed a lawsuit against Sony who just introduced the Betamax videocassette and video recorder.
    • However, the court held that Sony could not be held liable for what consumers might do with a VCR because the VCR can be used in a way that doesn’t infringe copyrights.
  15. Industrial Light and Magic
    • George Lucas’ state-of-the-art postproduction house.
    • Between 1980 and 1999, ILM became the industry’s top effects house which supervised postproduction on over 150 films.
  16. Blaxploitation
    • A significant trend of African American depiction
    • Designed for African American audiences.
    • They were serious films.
    • Elements of these films were
    • 1) They take place in inner-city, poverish, crime cities
    • 2) it dealt with crime and violence
    • 3) Characters are criminals or policeman
    • 4) rise of the Black Panther party (African Americans rising for self-defense)
  17. Joel Silver
    • A film producer that had produced films like Die Hard (1998) and Lethal Weapon (1987).
    • All the films he had produced has his auteur signature.
    • A buff male star with a discernible expertise taking on some sort of cartel or conspiracy.
  18. Spike Lee
    • High-profile celebrity auteur.
    • Made politically incendiary films.
    • He brings in race issues in all his subsequent films.
  19. Tim Burton
    Made a career of making movies for and/or about kids in which he refuses to pander or condescend.
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