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  1. What led to the post-World War II economic boom in the United States?
    more jobs, baby boom, cheap appliances and gas, government expansion
  2. What was part of the Bretton Woods system?
    International Monetary Fund (IMF) was established to regulate and stabilize international currency exchange rates and thus to encourage world trade
  3. When Eisenhower said, “We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes,” he was referring to the
    Military-industrial complex
  4. The “space race” began when
    Sputnik was launched by SU 1957
  5. The predominant thrust in corporate life during the twenty years following World War II was
    the consolidation of economic power into big corporate firms
  6. One of the most rapidly growing job categories in America during the 1950s was
    white-collar managers
  7. Michael Harrington's The Other America exposed
    problems dealing with poverty
  8. The GI Bill stimulated the American economy by
    providing education, medical care, pensions, and mortgage loans to veterans.
  9. The Treaty of Detroit, creating a broadly based “labor-management accord,” was based on
    collective bargaining
  10. The great resurgence of evangelical religion in 1950s' America was most evident in the dramatic rise to popularity of
  11. A negative aspect of America's fascination with the automobile in the 1950s was
    urban sprawl
  12. An unexpected result of building the interstate highway system was that it
    gave money back to the state
  13. Beginning in the 1960s, the influx of Cuban refugees rapidly changed the character of
  14. The baby boom in post-World War II America is most accurately explained as resulting from
    a drop in age at marriage
  15. Betty Friedan's 1963 book The Feminine Mystique
    sparked second wave feminism
  16. According to the textbook, the twentieth century social movement with the greatest overall impact was the
    Civil Rights movement
  17. In what way did the black-led civil rights movement redefine the meaning of liberalism?
    By demanding state protecting for individuals against discrimination
  18. In 1941, President Roosevelt issued an executive order banning racial discrimination in defense industries primarily because
    the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters agreed to cancel a protest march on Washington if he issued the order
  19. The philosophy of nonviolent disobedience was first espoused by
  20. Furious with the national Democratic Party's endorsement of civil rights goals in its 1948 platform, southern Democrats set up the States' Rights (or Dixiecrat) Party and nominated which of the following for president?
    Strom Thurmond
  21. What effect did the cold war have on the civil rights movement?
    Constrained the Civil Rights movement
  22. Many historians consider the most important event in the emergence of the Mexican American civil rights movement to be
  23. Who became the first African American justice on the Supreme Court in the late 1960s?
    Thurgood Marshall
  24. In Brown v. Board of Education, the Supreme Court ruled against segregated schools on the grounds that they
    were not "separate and equal"
  25. The Southern Manifesto
    denounced the Brown decision as "a clear abuse of judicial power" and encouraged local officials to defy it
  26. In promoting civil rights, President Eisenhower
    sent troops to Little Rock, Ar.
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