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  1. When were free meals introduced in the UK in schools?
  2. When were school medical services set up?
  3. When were school clinics introduced?
  4. When were children given status as a protected people? (If they died then their death would be investigated and you could no longer insure them.)
  5. What was a big issue when it came to the liberals introducing the free meals scheme
    It was not compulsory and not all schools implemented it.
  6. When did the liberals introduce the pension to British over 70s?
  7. How much money would have had to earn to receive a pension (liberal reforms)
    • Under £31 a year
    • And you had to live to the age of 70 to get it anyway!
  8. When was the national insurance act brought in?
  9. When were labour exchanges first set up
  10. Which year was it that women stayed their own person after marriage, and not just property of her husbands?
  11. Which year was the Women's Property Act set in?
  12. Women were allowed 4 weeks maternity leave from which year?
  13. Who were the suffragists lead by?
    Millicent Fawcett
  14. What did the NUWSS stand for
    National Union of Women's Suffrage Society
  15. Were the suffragists or the suffragettes violent?
  16. Who had a larger membership: suffragists or suffragettes?
    The suffragists had more members.
  17. Who were the suffragettes lead by?
    Emmeline Pankhurst
  18. When did the suffragettes form?
    • 1903
    • Who died by being run over by the King's Horse
    • Emily Davison. And it was at the Epsom race course
  19. When was conscription for WW1 introduced?
  20. What were 'conchies'
    Conscientious objectors who didn't go and fight because of their values and their beliefs
  21. What would women give conchies as a sign of their coward ness
    A white feather
  22. By which year was Britain's war plan becoming inadequate?
  23. What did they call the shortage of shells, bullets etc. on the western front
    The munitions crisis
  24. Which year was the Women's Land Army set up?
  25. What year did voluntary rationing begin?
  26. Which year was compulsory rationing introduced?
  27. What does DORA stand for?
    Defence of the Realm act.
  28. Which year did all women receive the vote?
  29. In which year did 400,000 people go on strike in the Red Scare
  30. An example of intolerance towards migrants and non WASP is...
    Sacco and Vanzetti
  31. What does WASP stand for?
    • WHITE
    • ANGLO
    • SAXON
  32. Which year were Sacco and Vanzetti unfairly sentenced to death by the electric chair?
  33. In 1920, the number of native Americans dropped from what to what?
    From 1.5 million to 250,000
  34. Native Americans could gain US citizenship in which year?
  35. What is an entrepreneur?
    Businessman/woman who makes money by meeting the needs or wants of their customers.
  36. What is a bootlegger?
    A person who illegally makes something.
  37. What is a gangster?
    A member of the community who uses blackmail and threats to force people to do what they want. Powerful gangsters, such as Al Capone, had control of police and even the whole city
  38. What are speakeasies?
    Illegal bars.
  39. How many people were arrested because of being linked to alcohol, in 1929
    66,878 people were arrested because of being linked to alcohol, in 1929
  40. Where did 2/3 of illegal alcohol come from?
  41. During the prohibition how many stills were seized?
    Over 280,000 and that's only a fraction of the total that would have been in operation
  42. How much money did aAl Capone make from illegal alcohol activities?
    Approx $60 million
  43. How many banks collapsed in 1929?
  44. Which year did the Bank of the United States in New York fail?
  45. How much did American international trade fall in 1932?
    From $10 billion to $3 billion
  46. 1933. How many people were unemployed?
    14 million
  47. How much did wages reduce due to the Wall Street crash?
    Fell by 60% average
  48. What percentage did production fall between 1928 - 1933
  49. In which years did World War One happen?
  50. Were republicans or democrats in office between 1920-1932?
  51. What approach did the republican party have in regards of its involvement in the lives of everyday people?
    • A 'Laissez Faire' approach
    • Basically they tried to interfere as little as possible.
  52. Why couldn't many farmers sell their goods to Europe?
    Because of the tariffs placed on exporting goods.
  53. What was a major problem for farmers in the 1920s?
    They were producing more products then they could sell.
  54. How much was an average farmer in the 1920s producing?
    Enough for his family and fourteen more.
  55. Why did mop inert go on strike during the 1920s?
    They were being payed $30 a week less than was deemed to be minimum wage
  56. What does it mean if you were to call America a 'melting pot'
    You are saying that American people lost their ethnic identity and blended together to become 'American'
  57. What was the red scare?
    The fear that Russian migrants would bring radical communist ideas to America
  58. In which year was it that 400,000 people went on strike due to economic hardship in America and there were 25 race riots?
  59. Who was hired to get rid of radical communist believers?
    J. Edgar Hoover
  60. How many files of radical communist believers were built up during 1919-1920?
  61. How many radical communist believers were deported from the USA in 1919-1920?
  62. Out of the thousands of files of radical communist believers, how many of them actually had any basis in fact?
  63. What does WASP stand for?
    • White
    • Anglo
    • Saxon
    • Protestant
  64. What was the story of Sacco and Vanzetti?
    • In 1920, a security guard was killed. On very flimsy evidence Sacco and Vanzetti were arrested and they were to be sentenced to death for what they had done by an extremely bias and racist judge. They both had alibis that meant they couldn't have committed the crime and witnesses even said it wasn't them. People heard about the case all over the world and felt it was unfair.
    • They were both killed by electric chair in 1927.
  65. What year was it that Sacco and Vanzetti were killed?
  66. Who were the UNIA?
    Founded by Markus Garvey, they helped people to be proud of their race and colour. It had over 1 million members at its peak
  67. There were a number of reasons as to why prohibition was introduced. What was the number of babies being smothered to death by a drunk parent before the law was installed?
    3,000 a year
  68. In which year did the St valentine's day massacre happen?
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