Medical Coding

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  1. Symbol for a new code
  2. Test for Hepatitis B
    Hepatitis B surface antigen
  3. Treatment for gout
  4. Term for full thickness removal of skin lesion
  5. Key factors in E&M
    History, examination and medical decision making
  6. Factors affecting the DRG
    Diagnosis, Procedure, Age, Sex, Disposition, Birthweight of Newborn
  7. Basis of HCPCS modifier II
    Anatomical site
  8. Treatment for Herpes
    Acyclovir (Zovirax)
  9. Symbol for revised code
  10. Patient with polydipsia and polyuria
    Diabetes type 2
  11. Code for induced abortion resulting in a liveborn
    Early onset of delivery
  12. Code for renal calculus with hematuria
    Code renal calculus only 592.0
  13. What are CPT codes ending in 99
    Unlisted Procedure
  14. Definition of complicated wound
    Infected,with foreign body,delayed healing or delayed treatment
  15. What is a significant procedure?
    Surgical in nature, with surgical risk, with anesthetic risk, and requires specialized training
  16. What are G Codes?
    Temporary codes for emerging technology and codes for professional service with no CPT code yet
  17. Modifier is patient is seen in the ER by a Cardiologist and a Podiatrist
  18. How to code bilateral procedure in ICD-9?
    Code twice
  19. How to code bilateral procedure in CPT?
    With modifier-50
  20. How to code incomplete procedure in ICD-9?
    Up to the extent of the procedure
  21. How to code incomplete procedure in CPT?
    Code as done with modifier-52
  22. Who maintains the CPT book?
  23. CPT code for Clo-test
  24. CPT: How would you code EGD up to the ileum?
  25. What diagnosis is an indication for EPS (electrophysiological study)?
    Sinus node dysfunction
  26. CPT code for treatment for non-union fibula?
  27. What is case mix INDEX?
    Average relative weight
  28. What is audit trail?
    Chronological list of those who access the HER electronic health record or EMR (electronic medical record)
  29. What is ABN (advanced beneficiary notice)?
    Notice given to the Patient prior to the procedure telling him that if the insurance does not pay, the patient has to pay.
  30. What is EMTALA (Emergency medical treatment and labor act)?
    All emergency cases must be treated at the ER even if not financially capable.
  31. What hospital department is involved in EMTALA?
    Risk management and compliance
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