Intro to Drug Dosage

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  1. Dosage
    the proper amount of a medicine or agent prescribed for a given patient or condition.
  2. Dose
    • the quantity of medicine to be taken at one time or in divided amounts within a given period of time.
    • Factors that influence dosage: age, sex, condition of the patient, psychological factors, environmental factors, temperature, method of administration, genetic factors, and body weight.
  3. units per milliliter
    100-unit insulin means there are 100 units per milliliter.
  4. insulin syringe
    calibrated in units, and the desired dose may be read directly on the syringe.
  5. tuberculin syringe
    maybe used when the insulin syringe is unavailable. the unit dosage is converted to the equivalent number of milliliters, using the proportion method.
  6. prescription
    an order written by a practitioner, to be filled by a pharmacist, indicating the medication needed by the patient and containing all the necessary directions for the pharmacist and the patient.
  7. Parts of the prescription
    • 1. superscription: states the date and tthe name and address of the patient.
    • 2. inscription: states the name and quantities of ingredients. 
    • 3. subscription: gives directions to the pharmacist
    • 4. signatura (Sig): gives directions to the patient
    • 5. the signature, address, and registry number of the physician
    • 6. if a controlled substance, the physician DEA number
  8. drug order
    consists of the following: patient name, hospital number, and birth date: date and time of the order: name of the drug; the dosage, how it is to be given, and how many times it is to be given; and the signature of the physician who wrote the order
  9. automatic stop policy
    a new order is required for the drug to be continued after a specified time that has been established by the institution.

    • aa          of each
    • ac           before meals
    • ad lib      as much as needed 
    • bid         twice a day
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