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cardiovascular disease

ch 7
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  1. Cariovascular disease (CVD), Coronary artery disease(CAD), Coronary heart disease(CHD)
    factors- diet, liestyle, bacterial infection, genetic anomalies

    • CVD- relates to heart & entire vascular system
    • *hypertension
    • *cerevrovascular accident(CVA)- aka stroke
    • *arteriosclerosis- hardening of da arteries
    • *transient ischemic attack(TIA)- ministroke
    • *thrombosis- formation of clots, they are usually stationary when attached to walls of blood vessels, but can dislodge & plug sm. blood vessels, mostly seen in DM pt, caused by enhanced activation of pf platelets & clotting factors
    • *fibrinogen levels are said to b rt increases clotting
    • *atherosclerosis- condition of plaque buildup in circulatory system, involves chronic inflammation
  2. atherosclerosis (form of arteriosclerosis)
    • involves chronic inflammation, plaque build up in arteries, blood cant flow freely, form of a heart disease called ischemic
    • *said to cause coronary thrombosis, MI (heart attack), & CVA
    • *Peripheral arterial disese (PAD) a form of atherosclerosis, defined as ankle-brachial b/p index of >0.9 in either one, PAD increases w/ age, black men & woman, & mexican women mor likely to get, other factors are smoking, DM, low kidney function, high-sensitivity C-reactive protien level < 3.0mg/L & uncontrolled hypertension treated or not
  3. Liproprotien- Consist of HDL-C, LDL-C, & VLDL
    • lipids- all form of fat found in blood
    • chylomicrons- form of lipoprotien
    • VDL- main carrier of triglycerides(tpye of blood fat)
    • Hypercholesterolemia- high total cholesterol but usually result of high serum LDL-C
    • Hyperlipidemia- hihg levels of LDL-C & triglycerides
    • Dyslipidemia- low levels of HDL-C but coexists w/ high triglycerides

    total cholesterol is HDL+LDL+1/5 trig.455
  4. HDL (good cholesterol)
    have more portien then LDL or VDL, allows more cholesterol to be taken from the body's cell, resulting in greater transport & removal of cholesterol thru liver, ppl w/ HDL have less heart disease, HDL are genetic
  5. LDL (bad cholesterol)
    high levels induces aththerosclerosis & strong risk factors 4 heart disease, meds to lower LDL, but they could take 3mon. to see any changes, diet is helpful, but not everyone responds to them

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