Product Design - Methods of making packaging

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  1. Lithography (Printing) - Parts
    • Water Rollers: Exposed areas attract water.
    • Ink Rollers: Non-exposed areas of the roller attract the ink.
  2. Lithography (Printing) - Method
    • The printing plate has the image to be printed in relief on it's surface the image stands out slightly from the printing plate surface.
    • Water is used to wash the ink.
    • The image is transferred onto the blanket cylinder to reverse the image.
    • The ink is pressed onto paper or card which is placed between the blanket cylinder and the blanket.
  3. Die Cutting
    • Used to press out a net from a sheet of material.
    • A collection of blades are cut and shaped to the outline of the net.
    • Each die cutter is especially made so the process is expensive.
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Product Design - Methods of making packaging
Product Design - Methods of making packaging
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