Lecture - Progressive Movement

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  1. What were the 3 wings that the progressive movement was organized in to?
    • 1. Social Justice-Improve living and working conditions.
    • 2. Democracy-Eliminate corruption, promote involvement of more people.
    • 3. Anti Monopoly-Thought big business hurt American people and consumers
  2. What name was given to investigative reporters who exposed social and economical faults?
  3. This social pioneer established the hull house.
    Jane Addams
  4. Opened by Jane Addams this establishment offered a shelter for the poor and homeless, included a daycare, kindergarten, and educated the poor and immigrants.
    Hull House
  5. What Wisconsin governor met with U of W experts and came up with the Wisconsin Idea?
    Bob Lafollette
  6. What were the 3 primary points of the Wisconsin idea?
    • 1. Conservation of natural resources
    • 2. Direct election of Senators
    • 3. Income taxes on corporations and personal income
  7. What miners union waged a strike in 1902 over wages, hours, and the recognition of their union?
    United Mine Workers
  8. What helped end the United Mine workers strike of 1902 despite the miners not getting all the concessions they wanted?
    Teddy Roosevelt called the union and the companies in to mediate the issues.
  9. What was an important by product of Roosevelt helping settle the dispute between the United Mine Workers and the mining companies?
    The president recognized the laborers right to organize
  10. What case involved a JP Morgan company and it's monopoly over the NW railroads?
    The Northern Securities Case
  11. What earned T. Roosevelt the nickname "Trust Buster?"
    The Northern Securities Case
  12. Who wrote "The Jungle," a 1906 book that detailed abuses in the meat packing industry along with the working and living conditions that immigrants endured?
    Upton Sinclair, this book had a big influence on the passing of the Pure Food and Drug Act
  13. What did the Pure Food and Drug Act provide for?
    • 1. Required accurate labeling of food ingredients.
    • 2. Established sanitary requirements for meat packing companies and provided funding for inspectors to enforce these standards
  14. Despite T. Roosevelt's nickname as the "Trust Buster" his successor busted more trust than he did. Who was it?
  15. What president (1913-1921) was a former New Jersey governor who passed several progressive amendments while president?
    Woodrow Wilson
  16. This amendment (1913) granted congress authority to implement an income tax. The first of which was 7% of all incomes greater than $500,000
  17. What amendment (1917) called for the direct election of Senators by voters and no longer allowed state legislatures to choose them?
  18. What amendment (1919) granted women the right to vote?
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