1.4 - Religion and Community Cohesion (Keywords)

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  1. Community Cohesion
    A common vision and shared sense of belonging for all groups in society.
  2. Discrimination
    Treating people less favorably because of their ethnicity/ gender/ colour/ sexuality/ age/ class
  3. Ethnic Minority
    A member of an ethnic group (race) which is much smaller than the majority group.
  4. Interfaith Marriages
    A marriage in which the husband and wife are from different religions.
  5. Multi-ethnic Society
    Many different races and cultures living together in one society.
  6. Multi-faith Society
    Many different religions living together in one society.
  7. Prejudice
    Believing some people are inferior or superior without even knowing them.
  8. Racial Harmony
    Different races/colours living together happily.
  9. Racism
    The belief that some races are superior to others.
  10. Sexism
    Discriminating against people because of their gender (being male or female).
  11. Religious Freedom
    The right to practice your religion and change your religion.
  12. Religious Pluralism
    Accepting all religions as having an equal right to coexist.
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