English - Persuasive Techniques

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  1. Direct Address
    • Talking to the reader with a personal word
    • Makes the reader feel personally involved
  2. Alliteration
    • Two or more words/ phrases starting with the same letter
    • Highlights Keywords
  3. Rhetorical Question
    • Question that you don't want answered
    • Makes reader consider key message
  4. Direct Question
    • Question that you want the answer to
    • Makes the reader consider key message
  5. Commands
    • Statement telling someone to do something
    • Pressurizes the reader
  6. Fact
    • Something that certainly true
    • Adds credibility
  7. Opinion
    • What you think of something
    • Influences reader and makes them consider
  8. Exaggeration
    • Making something bigger than it is
    • Sensationalizes and causes a response in reader
  9. Statistics
    • A study of information based on a number of things
    • Adds credbility
  10. Rule of Three
    • Three direct statements
    • Emphasis point and adds credibility
  11. Tone
    • The manner in which you say something
    • Influences reader and makes then consider
  12. Emotive Language
    • Words that cause emotive
    • Causes a response in reader
  13. Adjectives
    • A word that describes a noun
    • Influences reader and makes them consider
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