Product Design - Materials: Wood

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  1. Soft Woods
    • comes from coniferous tress
    • tress keep their leaves throughout the year
    • trees grow a lot faster
    • cheaper
    • waste wood from trunk is used to make paper/ card
  2. Scots Pine
    • soft wood
    • straight grained but can be knotty
    • strong and easily worked
    • used for building and construction
    • waxed/ varnish/ oil/ painted
  3. Cedar
    • soft wood
    • straight grained and knot free
    • light weight and durable
    • used inside & outside - for fencing and sheds
    • varnish/ creosote/ painted
  4. Hard Woods
    • comes from decidous trees
    • trees lose their leaves every autumn
    • trees grow slower
    • more expensive
  5. Oak
    • hard wood
    • light brown in colour
    • heavy and durable
    • used for high quality furniture
    • waxed/ varnish/ oil - never painted
  6. Ash
    • hard wood
    • light in colour
    • tough and flexible
    • bends well with steam
    • used for cricket bats and tool handles
    • waxed/ varnish/ oil - never painted
  7. Manufactured Boards
    • created by combining natural woods with modern materials and adhesives
    • haveĀ  a greater strength to weight ratio
    • can be manufactured in large sheets
    • more cost effective
  8. Plywood
    • manufactured board
    • made from thin sheets of wood called veneers
    • each veneer is glued so the grain alternates by 90'
    • always an odd number of sheets to prevent warping
    • very strong
  9. MDF
    • manufactured board
    • made from small fibres of wood that are compressed and glued together
    • smooth waxy finish or covered in plastic/wooden veneer
    • doesn't warp easily
    • finish with paint/ varnish
    • used for table tops
  10. Block Board
    • manufactured board
    • strips of soft wood glued together and sandwiched between two layers of hardwood
    • very strong
    • doesn't warp easily
    • heavy, rigid material that is difficult to finish
    • used for table tops, fire doors, work surfaces & stage flooring
  11. Finishes
    • Paint: exterior gloss, satin
    • Wax: natural polish
    • Varnish: different colours, clear, scratch free
  12. Fixings
    • Wood Screws: quick and simple, sharp teeth bite through metal
    • Nails: pushed through with hammer
    • PVA glue: dries clear
    • Knock Down Fittings: allows furniture to be put back together again
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