BUY 12 English vocab

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  1. Apathy (n.)
    Lack of interest or concern especially when regarding matters of general importance or apparel; indifferent, feeling or showing little to no emotion; unresponsive
  2. Barren (adj.)
    Tract of unproductive land; unable to produce offspring; devoid of something specific
  3. Bivouac (n.)
    Temporary encampment often in an unsheltered area
  4. Brood (v.)
    To be deep in thought; to meditate; to focus attention on a subject intensely and moodily worry; to be depressed
  5. Chide (v.)
    To scold mildly as to correct or improve; reprimand
  6. Discern (v.)
    To perceive, detect, recognize, comprehend
  7. Esculent (adj.)
    Edible; suitable for eating
  8. Facade (n.)
    Artificial or deceptive front
  9. Fleeting (adj.)
    To move or pass swiftly; to fade out; vanish; to cause time to pass quickly
  10. Forlorn (adj.)
    Forsaken or deprived; appearing sad or lonely because deserted or abandoned; wretched or pitiful in appearance and condition
  11. Hoard (v.)
    To keep hidden or private; a hidden supply or fund stored for future use
  12. Prudent (adj.)
    Careful management; careful about one's conduct; circumspect; to use good judgment or common sense
  13. Sphere (n.)
    The sky or a celestial body such as a planet or star
  14. Subdue (v.)
    To conquer; subjugate; vanquish; to defeat, to quiet or bring under control by physical force or persuasion
  15. Vex (v.)
    To annoy or bother
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