Medical Terminology 3

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  1. infarction
    Tissue death due to lack of blood flow, and thus oxygen, to a region
  2. intravenous
    in a vein
  3. intramuscular
    in a muscle
  4. inflammation
    body's response to injury or tissue damage
  5. jaundice
    Yellow discoloration of skin, eyes, nail beds due to an excess of bile pigment bilirubin
  6. keratolytic
    Acidic treatment causing outer skin layer to loosen and shed
  7. lethargy
    lack of enthusiasm or energy
  8. malaise
    Feeling of discomfort or uneasiness
  9. malignant
    very infectious or virulent
  10. menopause
    Time of cessation of a woman’s reproductive ability
  11. menstruation
    Cyclic bloody vaginal discharge from nonpregnant uterus
  12. metastasis
    Spread of disease to organs far away from initial infection site
  13. micturation
  14. morbidity
    diseased condition
  15. mortality
    death (rate)
  16. myalgia
    muscle pain or tenderness
  17. neuropathy
    Functional disturbance in peripheral nervous system
  18. neuralgia
    Acute pain cause by nerve damage
  19. nocturia
    night urination
  20. nonambulatory
    unable to move independently
  21. nystagmus
    involuntary eye movement resulting in limited vision
  22. occlusive
    closing or blocking
  23. orthostatic hypotension
    sudden lowering of blood pressure when standing up
  24. orthostasis
    stay standing up
  25. otitis media
    infection of middle ear space
  26. palpitation
    forcible heartbeat often with irregular rhythm
  27. palliative
    relief of symptoms
  28. paraplegia
    paralysis of the lower body
  29. parasthesias
    Unpleasant skin sensation (burning prickling itching tingling etc)
  30. pharmacology
    science of drugs
  31. phonophobia
    abnormal sensitivity to noise
  32. photophobia
    abnormal sensitivity to light
  33. photosensitivity
    increased skin sensitivity to light
  34. placebo
    Substance with no medication given to reinforce a pt’s expectation of getting better
  35. prodromal
    very early symptoms marking potential disease onset
  36. prognosis
    Prediction of probably course and outcome of a disease
  37. polydypsia
    excessive thirst
  38. polyuria
    excessive urination
  39. potency
    strength of an active ingredient
  40. pruritis
  41. prophylactic
    preventative therapy
  42. purulent
    production of pus
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