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  1. What is this interactionImage Upload 1
    Photoelectric scattering
  2. What is this interaction
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    Compton Scattering
  3. What is this interaction
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    Pair Production
  4. What is this interaction
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  5. Which interaction is when the incident photon interacts with an electron on the INNER shells of the atom (usually k or L), leading to a transfer of ALL the energy of the photon to the electron
    Photoelectric Scattering
  6. Which interaction is when an incident photon interacts with an OUTER shell electron (that is loosely bound, called a free electron) and it absorbs some of the photon's energy and is ejected from the outershell making an angle with the direction of the incident photon. The ejected electron is called a _____
    • Compton (Incoherent) Scattering
    • ejected electron is called the Compton electron
  7. What is the most common photon interaction that occurs in the energy range used in radiation therapy
    Compton Scattering (Incoherent)
  8. What is the most important method of producing xray beams in therapy units
  9. Which interaction is when the incident photon passes close to the nucleus of the atom, it is then absorbed and instantly the energy is re emitted with an electron-positron pair, B- and B+
    Pair Production
  10. Which interaction occurs at high energies > 1.022MeV and what is the rest energy
    • Pair production
    • ┬áRest energy of each is .511 MeV
  11. Which interaction is when the photon strikes the nucleus directly and is absorbed. That absorption causes the nucleus to emit both neutrons and gamma rays in an attempt to maintain stability
  12. When a photon interacts with an inner shell electron and an electron falls to the lower shell to fill the vacancy, a high energy ___ is emitted
    • Characteristic xray
    • this is called characteristic radiation
  13. Gammar rays are emitted from the ____
  14. Xrays are emitte4d from the
  15. Gamma rays and electrons both consist of
  16. ______ is the process in which the unstable nucleus gives up the excess energy in the form of radiation in order to get back to stability
  17. Which radiation interaction with matter occurs independently of atomic #
    • Compton Effect.
    • This incident photon has a high energy compared to the binding energy of an orbital electron so the photons will interact freely with free electrons and not the bound ones closest to the nucleus
  18. Which interaction is the least important in radiation therapy
    • photoelectric effect
    • anything above 150 KeV, the fraction of rad interactions with water and tissue from photoelectric are negligible
  19. What equipment produces extra nuclear indirectly ionizing radiation
    • linear accelerator
    • photons are produced by a linac thru the bremsstrahlung interaction that occurs when electrons impinge on a target. Brem occurs outside of the nucleus.
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