Geol 102 - origins

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  1. After big bang, universe was made up of ...
    Zones of varying density of hydrogen, until most of the hydrogen is in very dense balls seperated by empty space.
  2. Densifying _____ eventually becomes ____
    • -hydrogen, stars
    • -Densifying hydrogen continues until nuclear fusion stars.  heat generated prevents further contraction.  a star is born!
  3. Even electron elements are favored over odd electron elements in stellar burning because...
    • even + even = even
    • odd + odd = even

    odd + even = odd
  4. Planet building elements are:
    Carbon (C), oxygen (O), megnesium (Mg), silicon (Si), and iron (Fe).  Favored during the advanced burning.
  5. Normal vs. big stars
    Normal - iron is heaviest element produced

    Big stars - evolve rapidly and explode as supernovas.  supernovas are the explosions in which all the elements heavier than iron are produced.
  6. 99.9% of the mass in the solar system is located...
    in the sun!
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