Review Chapter 2

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  1. What type of tumor does this describe?

    Encapsulated, rarely fatal, little effect on the host, differentiated, slow growth low mitotic growth, little tissue destruction, and abnormal proliferation of cells
  2. What type of tumor does this describe?
    malignant, unencapsulated, potentially fatal, substantial side effect on host, rapid growth
  3. What are some cancer screening for men?
    • Colon - 50 yrs old
    • Fecal Occult Blood - 50 yrs old
    • Manual testicular exam - late adolescence
    • Digital Rectal exam - 45 yrs old
    • PSA - 50 years old
  4. What are some cancer screenings for women?
    • Manual Breast Exam - monthly beginning in
    •                               late adolescence
    • Pelvic exam & PAP smear
    • Colonoscopy - 50
    • Mammogram - 40
    • Fecal Occult Blood - 50
  5. What are 5 methods of tissue sampling?
    • Curettage or exfoliation
    • Excisional biopsy
    • Incisional biopsy
    • Fine needle aspiration
    • Core Biopsy
    • Sputum cytology
    • Washing or irrigation
    • Open biopsy
  6. ________ is a malignancy originating in glial tissue.

    ____, ____, & ____ all originate in epithelial

    Basal Cell, Squamous Cell, Adenocarcinoma
  7. ___________ management is used to prevent the future manifestation of cancer in a location with no declared disease but possible microscopic disease not yet detectable.
    Prophylactic cancer management.

    It sterilizes the potential area of metastatic disease
  8. What is a Malignant tumor of glandular epithelium called?
  9. What is an Abnormal proliferation occurring in the bone marrow?
    A Myeloma
  10. What is an abnormal proliferation occurring in the bone marrow, especially the white blood cells
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