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  1. recollect

    I do not recollect ever telling you

  2. toil

    He had to toil all night and day to finish the job.
  3. slant

    The land slants southward.
  4. deem

    She deemed the job impossible to finish in a week.
  5. cherish

    She loved and cherished her cat.
  6. concede

    He conceded she was a better tennis player.
  7. enchant

    The story was written to enchant young children.
  8. nourish

    Mother's milk is the best to nurish an infant.
  9. repent

    The priest asked the prisoner to
    repent (of) his sin.
  10. incorporate

    He will incorporate his idea into this new plan.
  11. withstand

    The bridge withstood the 8.7 magnitude earthquake.
  12. doomed

    The birds seem doomed to extinction.
  13. allege

    The police alleged that he stole the money.
  14. thaw

    In Spring, the snow thaws and becomes water.
  15. forsake

    He asked her not forsake him when he had difficult moments.
  16. clutch

    A drowning man will clutch at a straw.
  17. perplex

    He was perplexed by his friend's unwillingness to share the food.
  18. manifest

    A new problem manifested itself when the president quit.
  19. distract

    She tried to distract her mind from her worries.
  20. commend

    He did such a good job the boss commended his efforts
  21. arouse

    Mysteires always arouse my curiosity.
  22. presume

    It is presumedd that she was drunk.
  23. distorted

    In court , the lawyer distorted the truth.
  24. soothe

    The mother tried to soothe her crying baby by singing a song.
  25. cater

    It is hard for a teacher in a large class to cater to every student's needs.
  26. enhance

    The gorgeous dress enhanced her beauty.
  27. dazzle

    The magician dazzled the audience with his skills.
  28. hinder

    Weeds hinder vegetable growth.
  29. precede

    The wedding cremony preceded the party.
  30. uphold

    He upholds traditional family values.
  31. profess

    She professed her innocence at the trial.
  32. thrive

    His business started to thrive.
  33. excel

    She wanted to excel in math to  become an accountant.
  34. intrude

    They were surprised when he intruded on their meeting.
  35. subdue

    The police had to subdue the criminal with force.
  36. differentiate

    It was easy for her to differentiate the male birds from the female one.
  37. coincide

    The full moon coincided with the first day of the month.
  38. prop

    I need something to prop the door open.
  39. wither

    A plant wither and die without water.
  40. glare

    She glared at her former boy friend when she saw him.
  41. reckone

    He reckoned it would cost a lot of money to repair the old roof.
  42. fumble

    The glass fumbled to the floor when the child hit it.
  43. heed

    Please heed my advice and stop smoking.
  44. contradict

    The actress flattly contradicted the humor.
  45. induce

    The doctors gave the woman a drug to induce labor.
  46. descard

    I think we should discard the plan.
  47. cling

    If you cling to a bad relationship too long, you will suffer.
  48. skim

    She skimmed the report just before the presentation.
  49. displaed

    There were several displaced persons in the customs office.
  50. hush up

    The teacher told Bart to hush up because he was too noisy.
  51. divert

    It was impossible to divert his attention from his work.
  52. embark

    We will embark on a new mission to Mars.
  53. contemplate

    He contemplated the situation before making a decision.
  54. grumble

    The workers grumbled in anger about the new contract.
  55. reconcile

    I was finally reconciled with my wife.
  56. lingered

    The pain in his arm lingered for weeks.
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