Product Design: Materials - Plastics

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  1. Thermoplastics
    • can be molded once softened by heat.
    • can be reheated and reshaped.
    • will try to return to original position when reheated.
  2. Polystyrene
    • thermoplastic
    • Lightweight/ hard/ rigid
    • can be clear
    • good water resistance
    • used to make utensils/ models/ kits/ packaging
    • HIPs used to vac form in school
  3. Polypropylene
    • thermoplastic
    • lightweight & flexible
    • resists cracking and tearing
    • used for climbing rope
  4. Thermosetting Plastics
    • can be molded once softened by heat
    • can't be reheated or remolded
    • can withstand higher temperatures
  5. Urea formaldehyde
    • thermosetting plastic
    • rigid/ hard and strong
    • excellent insulator
    • used for electrical plugs and sockets
  6. Polyester Resin
    • thermosetting plastic
    • very hard and rigid
    • extremelt tough when mixed with glass
    • used for boat hulls and car bodies
  7. Fixings
    • Rivets: A hole is driven in both materials
    •            rivet is placed through holes
    •            rivet is put under compression until head is formed
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